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Total Gadha (Sanjeev Singh)

An engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, TG worked as a design engineer- both in India and abroad- before shifting to the education sector. He quickly gained reputation as an eloquent teacher, a brilliant mathematician, and an extremely creative content developer. He appeared for CAT 2008 and secured a call from GD/Interview from IIM Bangalore/ Calcutta/ Lucknow/ Indore and Kozhikode. TG also took GMAT and scored a 770. He is the cocreator of all the content on this website and his current passion is creating logic D.I., Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning problems.

Dagny Taggart (Rati Tehri Singh)

It was a great chase, with Dagny chasing the bulls and bears of the stock market, and the TG team chasing her. The good news- the ass won!

Dagny Taggart joined the education industry a couple of summers back, and this winter when the MBA prep world lost her to a top Indian bank, TG noticed. We noticed, because she was the finest repository of B-School info on this side of the equator. Her files on business schools ran into gigabytes, and we were more than keen to provide her with extra RAMs.

Presenting Dagny Taggart, the TG B-School Maven.

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