New Batches at TathaGat !!!               Directions to CP centre

Founded by Sanjeev Singh (TG), Rajat Kumar, and Kumar Abhishek, TathaGat is already a respected brand name among serious MBA aspirants and we would like to keep it so. Currently we have two centres in NCR(Delhi & Noida). Servicing being our main concern, we have decided to place an upper cap on the total number of students that we will take for CAT 2016. We are going to take only 900 students, and no more. Also, we would not assign any 'Junior' or 'substandard' instructor to any of our students. Each of our students shall study under the same set of expert instructors. All the instructors in TathaGat have more than 7 years of teaching experience. Let the game BEGIN!!! 

cat 2010 coaching tathagat

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