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business schools mba

And so they come, from every corner of the world, to enter the battle of wits, sweat and guts. Everyday, the battlegrounds echo with their clash of swords; the theories and ideas they hurl at their fellow warriors. Day after day they sharpen their weapons and swing them against their trainers, only to find them easily deflected back. But they do not give up, they get better with each passing day. Their armory grows bigger- finance, marketing, operations... the list goes on. They practise with their new weapons night and day- in the canteen, in the gardens, in the alehouses, or in the arms of their lovers. Each of them is possessed. Each of them is out to conquer the world. Each of them has the same war cry- BUSINESS.

And when they are ready to leave, they would have become masters in the artifice of war. They would have learnt the strategies, the games and the trickeries of the business world. They would be ready to enter the battle zones of the Wall Street, the investment banks, the corporate world or the consulting firms with panache and derring-do. The cycle does not stop with them. New warriors will come every year. The gates are opening even today.

Who trains these knights of business for their battles? Where are the lanista's schools for these gladiators of commerce? How are the barracks? How are the training camps, the sergeant or the drillmasters? How do they learn?

The schools for these soldiers are spread all over the world. The parthenons of business world, with their archways, classrooms, amphitheaters, and labyrinths full of learners practicing their art. Their taskmasters, equipped with projectors, razor-sharp intellect and penetrating insight, make them drudge through one task after another, never letting them rest. Each of these business schools is a temple of excellence, a state-of-the-art training ground for millions of Atlases who hold this earth and become the wheels of the business world.

Each of these schools is a locomotive driving the business worldâ...

                                                                                          business schools mba


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