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Why do you need an MBA? What is a BLACKI? Is CAT the end of the world? Do you want to take GMAT and do an MBA in your motherland? (No, it is not the USA) Will an IITian have a better chance of cracking CAT 2010, than other (supposedly) lesser mortals? Does IIM Bangalore prefer guys with work experience? Do they have nice looking girls in IIM Ahmedabad? Is your CAT preparation incomplete without doing the vocabulary list? What is the best study material for quant, verbal or data interpretation? What percentiles will make you enter an IIM so that hard-nosed professors can grill you for 2 years and you can get a high paying job that will teach you how to catch on your sleep in a plane's washing room? (Yes, I made that up) Which MBA coaching in India is the best place for dating? (Oh, you go there to study??) Never cleared CAT, then why not GMAT? Need a 750+ GMAT score so that you can brag about it? (I do) How many hours can you watch TV preparing for CAT? Feeling too lazy to solve problems in Quant, DI or verbal? This forum is going to be your escape hatch; just enter any article and start reading..

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