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Profit loss help
by sinha sinha - Thursday, 19 May 2016, 01:36 PM
  A shopkeeper fixed selling price of goods at 30% above cost price .He sells half of the stock at this price,one quarter of his stock at a discount of 15% on the original selling price and rest at a discount of 30% on original selling price.Find the gain percent all together.

i am not able to get the concept of selling some part of stock(percentage) at different prices
Re: Profit loss help
by Mohammad Anas khan - Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 08:22 AM
  Hi Sinha
In this question , let's say Total goods=100
This means 50 he sold at 30% profit (from cost price (the price for which he bought)).

next 25 sold at 15% discount from SELLING PRICE HE FIXED. Or in other words at 10.5% profit from Cost price.{First Cost price increased by 30% then reduced by 15% , so the net %change is 10.5% profit or increase from cost price or actual profit.

Next 25 sold at 30% discount from SELLING PRICE HE FIXED. OR at 9% loss from Cost price.(because first price increased by 30% then decreased by 30% so equivalent %change is 9% LOSS.)

U can solve this question by
1. By algebra
2. By plugging in values
3. By wieghted average concept etc..

so BY wieghted average it can be done as follows:

50(30)+25(10.5)+25(-9)/100 = 15+([10.5]/4)-(9/4)= 15.375%

[ on 50 things he got 30% profit, on 25 things he got 10.5% profit and on next 25 things he got 9%loss{ that's why negative sign} and then divided by total no. of things]

Hope this is clear.