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What could be the best material for self study ??
by nivedita Rani - Tuesday, 1 March 2016, 04:00 AM
  Hi All GMAT Aspirers !!

I am a beginner to start with and trying to catch up some pace in my GMAT Preparations.

Now i found some online materials(4 set of Practice sets for SC-which I am done with while i am writing this), 117 paragraph for RC Practice (I am really struggling to finish this).

So this question popped up in my mind- Do I need to buy a set of physical books for self study or these scattered available free materials would be sufficient to solve the purpose.

Do you think i am wasting too much of my precious time collecting these materials or should i go for some set of practice books available in stores.

Now , buying is not the issue but the the quality of informations form the sources is something that i am thinking more about.

If its the set of books the choice, would you guys be able to recommend some of the best books

Happy to hear from anyone in the group !!!

Happy Learning !!

Just one like you !!