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sets question -need help
by tgdel672 tg - Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 12:33 AM
  There are 120 players,having a chest number 1 through 120 seated in a circular pattern in the same order .Since the selector is involved in game fixing ,he tries to ensure that none of the right candidate shold go.
For this to happen ,he starts selecting the players in an arbitrary way for four games namely shot-put,javelin throw ,discus throw and sprint
.Player number 1 is selected for sprint and after that ,every 11 the player is selected for sprint.the counting continues repeatedly around the circle until it ends at player 1.Similarly starting with 1 every 9th player is selected for shot put ,every 9th player for javelin throw and every 8th player for discus throw.
How many players are not selected for any of the four games.

please provide the approach to counting players in such a question as well answer to above question