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need guidance regarding exam solving
by chaitanya sharma - Monday, 7 September 2015, 02:39 AM
  hello every1, i m following this website for a while and it has helped alot in impuvng my i am having a serious problm in attmptng the mocks and m in a messed up state rite nw...i am havng problm in questn selection like they say select easy ques first...exaclty how to select ques ?? shud i read and mark at the strt of the readng every quesn seperatly is cumbersome and time exam my mind is like "shud i do this shud i do that???" lr di sectn i take up set strt solvg then reals its tym consmng i leav it and end up wastng alot of time...this messes with my attmpts....i have given several mocks bt how to choose quesn nd not messng with the wrong ones m not able to understand...while analysng i m lyk man i cud hav done that it was so easy....otherwise m vry hardworkng and workng so hard since 10 aftr so many mocks and sick attmpts nw i m loosng the energy...any help wud much b appreciatd...plz do rply