New Batches at TathaGat !!!               Directions to CP centre
by Lokesh Sharma - Tuesday, 9 December 2014, 06:01 PM
  The flagship course at XAT, and at almost all MBA colleges, is the 2-year general MBA. At XIMB, it's called BM. Apart from this, it has MBA in Human Resource called HRM. Those interested in MBA in HR should fill this. XIMB also offers MBA in Rural Management, however, it should be applied for only if you are really interested in working in and for villages and bringing about a change there. Do not look at it as a regular MBA degree that could be taken as an alternative to a normal MBA.

Also, XAT allows you to apply through multiple channels- CAT/XAT/GMAT. If you are confident of your CAT performance, apply through it. But if you would like to cover the possibility of an unpleasant CAT percentile and increase your chances of a call from XIMB, you may apply via both CAT and XAT. Applying via GMAT would make sense only if you intend to take GMAT anyway. No point in taking GMAT just to be able to apply to XIMB via GMAT.