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river problem
by rudrendra Kashyap - Tuesday, 26 August 2014, 06:21 PM
  Sonal and Deepali started swimming towards each other simultaneously from points A and B respectively situated at two ends of a 96 km long stretch of a river. Destinations of Deepali and Sonal were points A and B respectively. Both of them could swim at 12 kmph in still water. When they started, it was high tide and Sonal swam against the stream. As soon as they met, the tide changed to ‘low tide’ and then Deepali faced the resistance of the stream. Deepali and Sonal took 7 hr 12 min and 8 hr min to reach their destinations respectively. [Speed of the stream during high and low tide need not necessarily be the same.]
If they had continued to swim back to their respective starting points after reaching their destinations, then where would they have met during the return journey? [Assume tide changed only once, immediately after their first meeting]
a. 32 km from A
b. 32 km from B
c. 72 km from A
d. 60 km from B cool