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ratio and pro. Q
by rudrendra Kashyap - Tuesday, 26 August 2014, 12:35 PM
  A boy goes from his house to his school daily by a motorbike. He drives the motorbike at three different speeds ‘a’, ‘2.5a’ and ‘4a’ km/hr for three different durations during the journey. He definitely knows the time intervals for which he should drive his motorbike at each of these speeds so as to reach the school on time.
Usually the time for which the boy drives at ‘a’ km/hr, ‘2.5a’ km/hr and ‘4a’ km/hr is in the ratio 2:1:3. If this ratio becomes 4:1:1, the boy reaches 30 minutes late. Find by how much time (approximate) the boy will be late to school if this ratio is 3:2:1?