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Critical reasoning
by Abhishek TG - Tuesday, 20 May 2014, 12:20 AM
  1- from tg booklet
some commentators complain that a "litigation explosion" in the past decade has led to unreasonably high costs for the U.S. businesses by encouraging more product liability suits against manufacturers . however , these complaints are based mainly on myth. statistics show that the number of successful product liability suits has remained almost the same , and average sum awarded in damages has grown no faster than the inflation rate.

which of the following , if true, would most weaken the argument above?

(a) the number of unsuccessful suits has skyrocketed , imposing huge new legal expenses on business .
(b) several of the largest awards ever made in product liability cases occurred within the last two years.

Sir i get a as a correct ans ,at the same i dp have doubt over b as it says liability cases within two years ( in the past decade has led to unreasonably high costs)

Are you still reading the other newspaper in town ? did you know that the daily bugle is owned by an out -of-town business syndicate that could not care less about the people of gotham city? read the daily clarion , the only real voice of the people of gotham city !

(c)the editor in chief and all other staff members of the editorial staff of the daily bugle have lived and worked in gotham city for the 10 years or more

sir editor in chief and staff members are not staying in city at present . so how does it refute the argument raised inthe advertisement above.

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