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Fill in the blanks
by mac 07 - Monday, 5 May 2014, 04:34 PM

Guys help me out ...

i don't know whether my answers are correct.


Fill in the blanks

Q1) History "furnishes" instances of men "gifted" with the strongest capacity for business but who all their lives never rose to fame and money.

1)provides, preoccupied   2)supplies, bemused  3)offers, content  4)furnishes, gifted  5)generates,familiar.

Q2)Macbeth is tragedy of a man who was "endowed" with great qualities but "deserted" from the path of honour.
 1)endowed,deserted   2)cultivated,lamented  3)possessed,mitigated  4)imposed,deflated 5)absorbed,deviated.

Q3) All our ancient scriptures have "passionately" echoed that the supreme purpose of life is the awareness of the self  that "transcends" the body.

1)cleverly,facilitates   2)forcefully,purifies  3)judiciously,migrants  4) purposefully,projects  5)passionately, transcends.

Q4) He who is governed by "prudence" rather than impulse is truly wise. An ounce of "discretion" they say, is better than an pound of wit.

1)devotion,thought  2)prudence,discretion  
3)temperament,logic   4)acumen,emotion

Q5)The self-reliant man is patient and "prolific" . He does not  "refuse" or complain and abandon his goal halfway.

1)amenable,abstain   2)prolific,refuse
3)proactive,relapse   4)persevering,cringe