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Re: Doubt in SC
by sushmitaTG TEAM - Friday, 29 November 2013, 03:25 PM
  Hi Rupali,
Here are the solutions to your problems:

1.) E is the correct option. There is nothing called "large degree".
When one talks about ‘degree’ one must understand that the word ‘degree’ refers to a comparative growth or reduction and not physical size (as would be indicated by the use of the word ‘large’), hence large would be the inappropriate adjective to apply to ‘degree’. Thus, options A, B and C are eliminated. Now, in D we have "lacking so much in math skill as to be difficult to absorb", which is wrong because there is a construction "so A that B". Also, here it gives an idea that it is difficult to absorb for someone, which is not the case. Hence, E.

2.) D is the correct option. There is a parallelism error in this. It makes a parallel relation between the name of the work and the staffs, which is wrong according to this sentence. C makes a correct parallel relation between the noun or the name of the work duty assignments and another work staffing.

3.) A is the correct option.
Especially implies that something less good exists, whereas something Specially doesn’t need to be compared against anything. Therefore, here we use especially.
Also, in option D, there is the use of a word Capability rather than ability. Here, the use of capability is wrong because Capability implies unrealized potential, but in this sentence it is not the hidden potential of the respiratory system. Hence, A is correct.