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Re: One word usage/ Phrasal words
by sushmitaTG TEAM - Monday, 18 November 2013, 02:59 PM

Q1.) Solution:‘1’. The correct idiomatic expression is ‘let off’, which means ‘to allow to go with little or no punishment’. ‘Let on’ means ‘to reveal one's true feelings’. `Let up’ means `diminish’ and `let up on’ means `to treat less severely’..

Q2.) Solution:`1’. The correct idiomatic expression is `get to’, which means `to begin’. `Get going’ means `to begin or act’. `Get through’ means `to succeed’. `Get down’ here means `to swallow’.

Q3.) Solution:`3’. The correct idiomatic expression is ‘call out’, which means `to bring out’. `Call in’ means ‘to call upon for consultation’.  ‘Call off’ means ‘to cancel (something) that had been planned’.  `Call away’ means `to cause to leave or go’.