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Word of the day
by sushmitaTG TEAM - Friday, 15 November 2013, 03:51 PM

Circumambulate   (Verb)

Meaning: to walk or go about or around.


1.) It takes 5 minutes to circumambulate the temple.

2.) In the evening, hundreds of pilgrims circumambulate the stupa.

3.) Only a priest can circumambulate an altar.

Circumambulate comes from 2 root words `circum’ which means `around’ and `ambulate’ which means `to walk’.



1.)      Circumscribe: to draw a line around; encircle.

Example: to circumscribe a city on a map.

2.)      Circumlocution: a roundabout or indirect way of speaking.

Example: It was always when you most wanted a direct answer that Greenfield came up with a circumlocution.



1.)      Amble (verb): to go at a slow, easy pace.

                  (Noun): a stroll.

Example: Elder people are seen ambling in the park every evening.

2.)      Shamble (verb): to walk or go awkwardly; shuffle.

Example: He picked up the pace into a ragged shamble.