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  Most students arrive at [college] using, “discrete, concrete and absolute categories to understand people, knowledge and values.” These students live with a dualistic view, seeing “the world in polar terms of we-right-good vs. other-wrong-bad.” These students cannot acknowledge the existence of more than one point of view toward any issue. And because these absolutes are assumed by or imposed on the individual from external authority, they cannot be personally substantiated or authenticated by experience. (…………….)

1)They gather personal experience into a coherent frame work, abstract principles to guide actions and use these principles to discipline and govern their thoughts and actions.

2)They appreciate authority for its expertise, using it to defend their own generalizations. In addition, they accept or reject ostensible authority after systematically evaluating its validity

3) These students strive for the generalizations of their authorities. An eye for an eye! Capital punishment is apt justice for murder. The Bible says so.

4) However, most students break through the dualistic stage to another equally frustrating stage – multiplicity, where the student sees variety of ways to deal with any problem

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