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Executive MBA ... Should I opt one?
by Neha Gupta - Saturday, 1 June 2013, 05:14 PM
  Hi TG,

I am a regular visitor of this forum. This is the best ever site to guide us for MBA prep and help us in other issues as well. There are so many inspiring stories in this forum to motivate and guide us. That is why I opted this forum to guide me for my future.

I am working with a software company (IBM) for last 1 year and have 2 years of  work experience in some manufacturing industry. I had to move to software field from manufacturing because of some unavoidable working circumstances and work culture issues.Here in this industry I got entry as a fresher and my previous work exp. was of no use here. So I have a total of 3.4 years of work experience as of now.

Working with this software giant would be a success for others but I am not finding my interest in this field.From my past work experience, I am finding now that my interests are lying in managing people and doing some management work and hence MBA seems to be the best possible thing I could plan for my future. I have never prepared for any MBA entrance examination neither did I was a convent passed out. I am a simple girl who have completed schooling in Hindi medium from some school in Bundelkhand area(U.P.) and completed B.Tech from Lucknow.I am the only earning source in my family as my father is no more.

My query comes now. I am very much interested in pursuing MBA from IIM or any other top B school. I am aged around 27-28 and my family is planning to get me married as soon as possible (in a typical style). So if I am starting as of now should I go for regular MBA or any Executive MBA course. What are the possible pros and cons in this regard. Should I write CAT or GMAT?

Please suggest .

Thanks ,
Re: Executive MBA ... Should I opt one?
by Lokesh Sharma - Tuesday, 15 October 2013, 08:09 PM
  Hello Neha

I believe it's too late of a reply considering CAT begins from tomorrow. However, if there is any advice/guidance that you may need from us, feel free to call at our landline numbers mentioned on the site. Good luck