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Re: interview question
by Hriday Sarat - Saturday, 1 December 2012, 12:28 PM

The question "Why you wish to do an mba" will be asked at almost every B School you apply to.smilesmilesmile

People do an MBA for various reasons. Some to rise to a managerial level in their organisation itself, others to change fields, yet others to learn entrepreneurship.

Thus You need to consider two things. Where are you coming from and where do you want to go?

To elaborate- Where you are coming from means 1) What all skill sets do you have? 2) What education have you had? 3) What strengths and experiences have you had?

Where do you want to go means. 1) What sort of profile are you looking for post MBA 2) What sort of industry do you want to work in post mba 3) What sort of skills would do you need to acquire to reach the same position.

Thus an idea "Why MBA question" will focus on how your your existing skills, strengths and experiences lead up to the particular career ambition you have. And how an MBA degree would help you develop the skills and acquire the knowledge required to succeed in the same!!!smile

For example, an engineer from the IT Field who wants to change his field and join an FMCG company could state, " Being an engineer from one of the top colleges in the country I have an experience of 2 years in Working on mainframes. Over time I have realised what gives me the most satisfaction is interacting with people and convincing them about ideas I believe in. Consequently I have considered a career in marketing in the FMCG sector" To reach the same I would need to develop a broad and deep understanding of Marketing, Branding and Sales . It is for this reason that i want to pursue an MBA"



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