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Need guidance
by sunil kumar - Saturday, 23 April 2011, 10:17 AM
  Hi Dagny/All,

I am an Indian male with 2.7 years of IT experience .I need your guidance on my chances of MBA admission in top universities.Please evaluate my profile and let me know which college is best suited for my profile.I am preparing for GMAT and I need to pursue MBA as early as possible.

My Details:

Graduation:B.Tech in Civil engineering from India's rank 1 private college.
Work Role:Database Administrator(Cross platform as well as Multi skilled)
Company:TCS(Asia's largest IT consultancy)

Extracurricular activities:
Organized quiz competition and was the Head of Quiz committee in my college.Organized sessions for knowledge transition in our company and also mentored people on the same in team.

Colleges I prefer are Wharton,INSEAD,LBS,ISB,Chicago

My concerns/queries:
1.Should I work on shaping my extracurricular activities such that it meets the expectations of top notch colleges? If so please suggest which would be most effective activity that makes my resume unique and highlighted.
2.What GMAT score is required for getting into top notch MBA colleges?
3.What would be the best time for me to take up the examination in-order to get admitted ASAP?
4.I have achieved various technical(ORACLE/IBM) and process certifications and have achieved high percentages(96-98%) in those certifications.These all are done during my job tenure.Will these count during my admission process?
5.For my present work experience and profile what all top colleges I can aim for?
6.What would be best time I can apply for colleges?
7.Recommendation letters I can get from my professors but not from my superiors from my office.I can only get bonafide letters from my work organization and also recommendation letters from my colleagues in my office.Will that impact my admission? If what are the other possibilities/alternative I can cope up for this loss?

I could not build a concrete idea on admission process with respect to various colleges.If I get guidance by step ahead it will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance!!!