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GD PI Call getters : BEWARE of what the seniors would tell you
by amaresh gautam - Friday, 11 February 2011, 03:39 PM
  There is a ceremony of initiation in all engineering schools and business schools. The Seniors welcome the freshers. But whatever be the ceremony, whenever the older generation in the school is welcoming the incoming generation – what they are actually thinking is – aa gaye naye bakre. There is an information asymmetry between the older generation and the younger generation. Since the seniors have been in the institute an year or two more , they are much wiser. They have made peace with the fact that whatever was presented to them initially as the rosy garden, was an illusion. The incoming ones are still goggle-eyed.

But when the seniors will go out. They will continue to perpetuate the myths of the business school. They would play their part in keeping the illusion alive. It is after all that very illusion that will help them make a living in the world.

There is a saying that if you don’t know who the biggest sucker on the poker table is – you are the sucker. You can extend the B school metaphor to life in general. We seem to go through life also in such stages. We are made to chase an illusion. Then we realize how the world actually works and how everything is wrapped in bullshit. Then we start bullshitting other people and try to make money out of it. Well alright, you may not bullshit other people. But you have to make peace with the fact that in some way or the other, you will make money on other people’s ignorance.

Moral of the fable: When you are reading threads on GD PI , be skeptical about what the seniors are telling you , they have a vested interest in painting a rosier picture. It is not that they are malicious, they are just human

Again i would like to emphasize that i am not saying anything against MBA or even these threads which are helpful indeed, but just make sure you do your own research

- Amaresh

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