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Non negative Integral solutions of linear equations
by Pranav Dhanapal - Tuesday, 2 November 2010, 02:19 PM
  Dear TG,
The problem is to find the number of non -ve integral solutions {x, y , z} -(including zeroes) for the linear equation
2a+4b+5c = 100
I attempted this question by using the logic that the answer would be the co-efficient of  x^100 in the expansion
(1+x2+x4+ ...)*(1+x4+x8+....)*(1+x5+x10...)
=1/(1-x2) * 1/(1-x4) * 1/(1-x5)
I however don't know how to proceed further
I realize that you may have discussed questions of the same type earlier.
Kindly, give an explanation or if possible direct me to the topic under which it it has already been discussed.

By the way- " your website and articles are simply superb".