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para completion -- doubt
by ashish jain - Sunday, 10 October 2010, 11:36 PM


 PLz help me to find the correct ans with reasioning for para completion:

The partisans of the free society,marked by a universal respect for human rights,are not too many,but too few. In the nineteenth century liberals too quickly declared themselves foes of religion-the 'enlightened' against those still living in darkness -while religious people in self defence closed their minds to many of the sensible,practical points that liberals were making. we should not make these mistakes in the new century._______________

a) Intellectual darkness is no longer an impediment that clouds our perception of human rights.

b) The contributions of persons of goodwill are sorely needed.

c) we would rather disengage ourselves from debate and dispute on such matters.

d) one way or the other,we should agree on which of these outlooks would serve the needs of humanity in greater measure.

e) It is clear that, amongst ourselves,we need to agree that we disagree.


I will post my explanation later...

Re: para completion -- doubt
by Gaurav Verma - Monday, 11 October 2010, 07:28 AM
  My take is option d...

Official answer plz
Re: para completion -- doubt
by Abhirup DebRay - Monday, 11 October 2010, 09:54 AM
  is it c??????????
Re: para completion -- doubt
by Sabya Sachi - Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 11:35 PM
  i think the answer is c!!!
Re: para completion -- doubt
by ashish jain - Thursday, 14 October 2010, 12:32 AM

official ans is b.

please explain the reason for ur answer






Re: para completion -- doubt
by Tarang Singhal - Thursday, 11 November 2010, 11:14 AM
  hi i suggest you should go through danny taggart's notes on para completion, the last line says that we must not make mistakes that we made in the past, the tone says that we must try to do something to undo those mistakes hence b option d says uses the word "these" what are these viewpoints?? not given hence not the answer..

i guess my answer comes a bit to late given that CAT is in its last leg
Re: para completion -- doubt
by sushmitaTG TEAM - Thursday, 7 November 2013, 02:42 PM
option A) is cleary out of context.
option B) may be considered, so we keep it.
option C) and D) give an opposite idea than what should come after the line " we should not make these mistakes.. ". these give an idea that we should do these mistakes.
option E) may also be considered.
now, since there is a problem in two given options, we advice you to leave this question unmarked in the exam. marking this question , you may acquire a negative mark.