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CR Questions: Correct Answr with Explanation reqd
by shriks aditya - Thursday, 26 August 2010, 12:17 AM
  Hi TG  / Dagny

Can you please explain the correct answers for the below CR questions
1> At present the Hollywood Restaurant has only standard-height tables. However, many customers come to
watch the celebrities who frequent the Hollywood, and they would prefer tall tables with stools because such
seating would afford a better view of the celebrities. Moreover, diners seated on stools typically do not stay as
long as diners seated at standard-height tables. Therefore, if the Hollywood replaced some of its seating with
high tables and stools, its profits would increase.
The argument is vulnerable to criticism on the grounds
that it gives reason to believe that it is likely that

A. some celebrities come to the Hollywood to be seen, and so might choose to sit at the tall tables if they were
B. the price of meals ordered by celebrities dining at the Hollywood compensates for the longer time, if any, they
spend lingering over their meals
C. a customer of the Hollywood who would choose to sit at a tall table would be an exception to the generalization
about lingering
D. a restaurant's customers who spend less time at their meals typically order less expensive meals than those
who remain at their meals longer
E. with enough tall tables to accommodate

2> On Pacific islands, a newly arrived gecko species, the house gecko, is displacing the previously established
mourning gecko in urban areas, but populations of the two species are more stable in rural areas far from
human settlement. The house gecko does not attack the mourning gecko, but in areas where insects
congregate it prevents the mourning gecko from feeding on them. Which of the following contributes
most to an explanation of the difference between gecko populations in urban and rural areas?

A. In urban areas, geckos are valued because they eat so many insects.
B. Geckos defend territories against other members of the same species.
C. House geckos that arrive on islands are carried there in boats and planes.
D. In places where there are lighted buildings, insects tend to gather around the light.
E. Mourning geckos are all females and reproduce asexually, but house geckos reproduce sexually.
Re: CR Questions: Correct Answr with Explanation reqd
by Total Gadha - Thursday, 26 August 2010, 11:54 AM
  1. C
2. D

Please give the OA
Re: CR Questions: Correct Answr with Explanation reqd
by shriks aditya - Friday, 27 August 2010, 04:21 AM
  The correct answers are indeed C and D.