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URGENT: Need Help in Verbal, TG Sir, Dagny Ma'am
by anmol jain - Friday, 30 July 2010, 09:44 PM

Dear TG Sir, DT Ma'am,

I really want to discuss my case and need immediate help.

Sir, I've been preparing for GMAT for a while, I'm done with OG11. I monitored it closely as well. I gave Powerprep today, and was shocked to see my Verbal score. Quant, I got 46, Verbal, I got 23. A total score of 570.

After analysing, I found I got 3 wrong in SC, 4 wrong in RC, and 6 wrong in CR, though I understood all concepts after analysing.

Moreover, I would like to say that, when I see english, I get very very very tensed, and that deviates me from concentration. Moreover, I also sometimes dont do RC properly, as I feel RC is big, and I'm really wasting time reading the RC, which is followed by only 3-4 Questions

Out of total 41 qs, I got 28 right. I have taken my GMAT date as 9th September. I Really really need a score of 700+, because I can't do without it, and I left my job also for GMAT prep.

Please please please help me the way forward.


I was a regular visitor/contributer to TG 3 yeards back, during my CAT prep. Now since I'm in a fix, I knew, the only place I could go is TG.


Thanks in advance



Re: URGENT: Need Help in Verbal, TG Sir, Dagny Ma'am
by anmol jain - Monday, 2 August 2010, 02:44 PM
  Awaiting reply sad