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Re: A problem on modifiers
by Rajat Chandna - Sunday, 30 May 2010, 10:56 PM
  Ok..So here is my explanation . Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

a. Max's grandmother is his supposed Irish ancestor.
b. Max's grandmother is his supposedly Irish ancestor.

I will go with B for this question because we need a adverb adjective noun construction in this case. This is because the question here is whether Max's grandmother was Irish. And off course by logical meaning Max's grandmother is his ancestor. So we need an Adverb to modify adjective "Irish" and not an adjective( "supposed") to modify noun ancestor. So we use a adverb supposedly to modify and put emphasis on adjective Irish.

Q2. On a similar note

a. James is Max's supposed Irish ancestor.
b. James is Max's supposedly Irish ancestor.

On the same lines, the answer to this is A because here the question is whether James is an ancestor of Max. The question is NOT that whether James is Irish. So we need to modify noun ancestor. Hence we need an adjective in this case. In other words, what kind of ancestor is James?
He is Supposed( he may or may not be)    Irish         ancestor.
        adjective                                    adjective      noun

This is on same lines with OG 10 question number 5.
>>............supposed Mediterranean predecessors.

Hope this helps.