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CR 1000 series - Doubts
by Kirti Lohiya - Thursday, 22 April 2010, 09:50 AM
  Hi TG and Dagny,

I have my gmat date 3 weeks from now.
My scores in mock test are still low.I get 40 in quantz which remains constant no matter how hard I practice.
And verbal is deteriorating like anything.
Initially i used to get 30 and now not more that 25.
CR is my weakest point.

Could you please suggest me something to improve...

Also, I have few doubts.Can you please help me with these CR questions.I have mentioned the ans I feel should be correct but unfortunately these are wrong. I was looking for justification

16. Which of the following best completes the passage below?
As long as savings deposits are insured by the government, depositors will have no incentive to evaluate the financial strength of a savings bank. Yield alone will influence their choice of bank. To attract deposits, banks will be forced to offer the highest possible interest rates. And since paying higher rates inevitably strains the financial strength of a bank, ______
(A) the government will be forced o impose limitations on interest rates
(B) deposit insurance will ultimately lead to the financial weakening of many banks
(C) savers will be forced to choose between deposit insurance and higher interest rates
(D) deposits will tend to go to the banks with the greatest financial strength
(E) bank profits will tend to rise to ever-higher levels

17. Every painting hanging in the Hoular Gallery is by a French painter. No painting in the Hoular Gallery is by a Vorticist. Only Vorticists use acrylic monochromes in their works.
If the information above is true, which of the following must also be true?
(A) No French painters are Vorticists.
(B) All Vorticists use acrylic monochromes in their works.
(C) Some French painters do not use acrylic monochromes in their works.
(D) No French painters use acrylic monochromes in their works.
(E) All French painters who use acrylics use acrylic monochromes in their works.

18. We commonly speak of aesthetic judgments as subjective, and in the short term they are, since critics often disagree about the value of a particular contemporary work of art. But over time, the subjective element disappears. When works of art have continued to delight audiences for centuries, as have the paintings of Michelangelo, the music of Bach, and the plays of Shakespeare, we can objectively call them great.
The statements above best support which of the following conclusions?
(A) When Michelangelo, Bach, and Shakespeare were alive, critics disagreed about the value of their work.
(B) The value of a contemporary work of art cannot be objectively measured.
(C) The reputation of a work of art often fluctuates greatly from one generation to the next.
(D) The mere fact that a work of art has endured for centuries does not establish its greatness.
(E) If critics agree about the value of a particular cotemporary work of art, then the work can objectively be called great.

19. Since the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit was mandated on our highways, both money and human lives have been saved.
All of the following, if true, would strengthen the claim above EXCEPT:
(A) Most highway users find that travel times are not appreciably lengthened by the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit.
(B) Highway driving at 55 miles per hour or less is more fuel-efficient than high-speed driving.
(C) Nearly all highway safety experts agree that more accidents occur at speeds over 55 miles per hour than at lower speeds.
(D) The percentage of fatalities occurring in highway accidents at speeds greater than 55 miles per hour is higher than that for low-speed accidents.
(E) Automobiles last longer and require fewer repairs when driven at consistently lower speeds.

20. The city council will certainly vote to approve the new downtown redevelopment plan, despite the objections of environmentalists. After all, most of the campaign contributions received by members of the city council come from real estate development firms, which stand to benefit from the plan.
Which of the following statements, if true, would most weaken the argument above?
(A) Several members of the city council receive sizable campaign contributions from environmental lobbying groups.
(B) Members of the city council are required to report the size and source of each campaign contribution they receive.
(C) Not every real estate development firm in the city will be able to participate in, and profit from, the new downtown redevelopment plan.
(D) The members of the city council have often voted in ways that are opposed to the interests of their campaign contributors.
(E) Some environmentalists have stated that the new downtown redevelopment plan might be environmentally sound if certain minor modifications are made.