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NMAT 2010 Exam Experience
by Nidhi Mehta - Monday, 1 February 2010, 12:37 PM

Hi Guys,

Please post your NMAT 2010 experience here.

Please donot post any questions as it is against the Non-Disclosure Agreement. smile

My Experience:

Had my exam on 31st, 4.30 PM slot at SBM.

There were no glitches (techinical or others) during the entire process. Not much of a paper work or other formalities (Unlike CAT). Entire process completed in not more than 5 minutes. The staff was too helpful and cordial. Everyone was wishing "All the best" and had a great smile n there faces (Unlike CAT center guys who were just looking Not Interested..)

Neways, the question paper was easy. You jus need to brush up your basics and work upon your speed. Its rather a speed game.

Total Quetions: 120

Verbal: 32

LR: 40

Quant/DI/DS: 48

Negative Marking: Yes 25%

Sectional cutt-off: Yes

Also, they gave glossy sheets and sketchpens for roughwork (which can be reused by other candidates later. (What an !dea Sirjee... Truly Appreciable).

I screwed my exam due to less speed. attempted only arnd 75-80 questions..  sad  .. Could have attempted around 10 qusetions more.

There are some sitters in between. Try and aviod that. Also some of the VA (RC and grammar) questions are a bit confusing.

Overall a great experience. After the CAT fiasco, this was a great releif and I think all the Indian Entrance Exam  should be made Computer-Based/Online; Whatever you call it !! smile

Please post your experiences here.


Nidhi smile

Re: NMAT 2010 Exam Experience
by Prince Kumar - Friday, 5 February 2010, 10:09 PM

I had my NMAT exam today (Friday 05th Feb) in the 2nd Solt (1:00 PM). I had heard from few people that the questions were quite easy on the first few days and 95 to 105 was average attempt.

But I suppose it was not the case today. The questions were standard with a mix of easy to average to even few tough questions.

The question distribution was the same as mentioned by Nidhi.

I got LR first, VA second and Quant in the last. Its not possible to change the section directly, so I already had planned a time slot for each section and go in what ever sequence it comes and adhere to the plan.

LR started with few easy questions, but then there were some brain teasers..I wasted some good 10 minsfor a set of 4 questions and even could not solve them. |B-(

English was easy..ofcourse there were few vacab questons, which I did not know, else I found it ok.

Quant was the toughest part. Though it had few easy questions, but most needed time to solve. Covered almost all the topics. DI was included in this section and this also needed some calculations.

Over all it was a nice experience and I could attemt only 84 questions. My advice to any one appearing would be:

LR - there are some 10 brain teasers and don not waste more time on them and just move on.

Eng- Quite managable except few vocabs.

QA - Again do not waste time. You may divide your whole section in two phases..In first phase you may attempt all the sitters which may take 30 sec to 50 sec. They consist of around 10 questions. And in the nest phase you can go for the difficlut questions.

All the Bestsmile

Re: NMAT 2010 Exam Experience
by Neelesh Sethi - Sunday, 14 February 2010, 05:22 PM
  Not that good.To move from question 1 to say 50 we have to click on next till 50 th question comes.We cant jump from say 1 st question to 50 th..was waste of time.CAT software was better designed though its implementation was very poor.Also to review question one needed to go to last question by clicking next.That was waste of time too.
Re: NMAT 2010 Exam Experience
by mike dave - Sunday, 2 October 2011, 06:12 PM
  For aspiring student. To increase your chances of passing NMAT exam

i. Read  pass  NMAT exam paper

ii. Use internet to get resources, stop waisting time reading books. Free snap resources

iii. Do a mock test at least twice a  week to test yourself

iv.  Speak to past student, their advice is invaluable