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Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by sahil agrawal - Friday, 11 January 2013, 08:40 AM
  In my opinion, Professional education is any quality education in any profession that equips you with necessary skills required to excel in that field. And this professional education varies greatly from learning music to being an astronaut. While the Non-professional education is that that involve updating your knowledge but it will not necessarily guarantee you the level of excellence that comes with a professional course. So I believe Professional education is any day better that a non professional education as it lead to better verification of newly acquired skills and knowledge. Hence, gives one a competitive edge over others with non profession education.
Nowadays, Professional education is offered in almost every field of careers. As we can seen lot of sports academies, art schools etc. have come up. This further strengthens my stand on that any education other that Professional education is a waste of time.