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Week 5 (GD Topic)
by Dagny Taggart - Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 06:31 PM
  Any education other than professional education is a waste of time. 
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by Ishika the best - Thursday, 28 January 2010, 12:01 PM
  well , to start with , i would say that any education is a way to open your learning horizons, rather widen them... so education in any field is fruitful be it professional or the other way unprofessional..
but in todays competitive world, where everyone seems to be involved in a race, having a professional degree gives u an edge over others , i.e to say that ppl with professional education dont have to prove themselves as much a person standing on the other side of the lane has to.
It may seem to be a paradox , still i believe that having an education that is not a professional one will definitely land u up with gr8 career prospects, just the effort has to be a bit too great..
replies awaited.. smile
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by Bruce Wayne - Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 12:57 AM
  Education is always an asset. It does not matter whether it is a professional one or not. It totally depends of the person who is acquiring the knowledge and skills imparted in the education, professional or otherwise. There have been great examples of people who did not have any professional education but went on to become the leaders in their field, and also of people who inspite of having the best education, lost and failed in their personal and professional life. I believe it's important for a person to match his interest, his acumen and his vision to his education because if a person is clear in these things, any type of education cannot be a waste of time and the person will imbibe knowledge from whatever education he is getting.  Though, in a country like India where the competiton is very high because of the vast talent pool and adundence of human resources, professional education becomes more important as it guarantees recognition and helps more in getting a steady source of income which, for most of the people, is very important. People without any professional education have to prove themselves, but again, they cannot be taken as less qualified than others. Thus, education, professional or non-professional, can never be a waste of time if the person acquiring it understands and knows how, when and where to use it to achieve success.

Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by Dhiraj Jain - Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 05:20 PM
  While people who say that professional education is not that important will cite the examples of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to prove that it indeed is not important, i would like to say that having a professional education gives you an edge not only because it helps you get a job but it also means that your talent in a certain field is certified by a respected body. It also means that you do not have to worry about proving yourself every time and can concentrate on the work instead. It helps you get a job in case you want to enter a job market or convince some venture capitalists of your abilities in case you want to start a venture of your own. Keeping in view these points i would say having a professional education is of paramount importance..
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by Neelesh Sethi - Saturday, 13 February 2010, 01:52 PM
  A non professional education would be education which has no impact on your professional carrier.But i believe that each an every thing that one learns helps him in some or other way.
Acquiring knowledge can never be waste of time,if person has a will and interest in learning it.If you impart professional education in a person who has no passion for that field, then there is a remote chance that person would be successful in that career in long run.An ideal scenario would be for a person to pursue career in field he has interest in.If one has the patience,and if he enjoys the work he does, then no education is waste.
Even if he is unable to pursue career in field he has gained education,that education and experience he has gained would be helpful to that person in some way or another in long run, and would help him to grow as an individual.
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by poora donkey - Saturday, 13 February 2010, 06:15 PM
  I believe that the biggest misconception in the mind of today's youth is that they can only survive in this competitive world if they have professional education, they step in to it to get the professional course degree and end up in getting so confused that start regretting their decision because they didn't know what is their passion when they step in to the professional and by the time they realizes it's become game over for them, so i believe important than professional education is your passion about anything , if you follow your passion you'll achieve great things that you might can't achieve by doing professional education.
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by aakanksha modi - Sunday, 14 February 2010, 09:41 AM
  v all have heard education in any form is never a waste.. bt the youth of today thinks dat a professional degree is what a person needs to drive his career on a fast gear.. bt is dat so.. wont getting a professional degree without developing d basic concepts be similar to building a castle without foundation which cn b shaken evn by the slighest earthquake. as one of my friends pointed the names of steve jobs. a person with not much of formal education bt they forgot to mention his 6 months course in calligraphy which the basis of the apple new font styles.. so its nt the matter of a professional degree.. it is a matter of receptive mind.. as even a scientist once said.." evn the apple falls on a fertile mind".
Re: Week 5 (GD Topic)
by sahil agrawal - Friday, 11 January 2013, 08:40 AM
  In my opinion, Professional education is any quality education in any profession that equips you with necessary skills required to excel in that field. And this professional education varies greatly from learning music to being an astronaut. While the Non-professional education is that that involve updating your knowledge but it will not necessarily guarantee you the level of excellence that comes with a professional course. So I believe Professional education is any day better that a non professional education as it lead to better verification of newly acquired skills and knowledge. Hence, gives one a competitive edge over others with non profession education.
Nowadays, Professional education is offered in almost every field of careers. As we can seen lot of sports academies, art schools etc. have come up. This further strengthens my stand on that any education other that Professional education is a waste of time.