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CR ques doubt
by manish nath - Friday, 22 January 2010, 10:40 AM
  In an attempt to promote the widespread use of paper rather than plastic,and thus reduce
non-biodegradable waste,the council of a small town plans to ban the sale of disposable plastic
goods for which substitutes made of paper exist.The council argues that since most paper is
entirely biodegradable,paper goods are environmentally preferable.
Which of the following,if true,indicates that the plan to ban the sale of disposable plastic
goods is suited to the town council's environmental goals?
(A) Although biodegradable plastic goods are now available,members of the town council
believe biodegradable paper goods to be safer for the environment.
(B) The paper factory at which most of the townspeople are employed plans to increase
production of biodegradable paper goods.
(C) After other towns enacted similar bans on the sale of plastic goods,the environmental
benefits were not discernible for several years.
(D) Since most townspeople prefer plastic goods to paper goods in many instances,they
are likely to purchase them in neighboring towns where plastic goods are available for sale.
(E) Products other than those derived from wood pulp are often used in the manufacture of
paper goods that are entirely biodegradable
Re: CR ques doubt
by suman ranjan - Friday, 22 January 2010, 11:50 PM
  Lets first separate premise & conclusion here,

P: Use paper rather than plastic
C: Reduce non-biodegradable waste
P: Most paper is entirely biodegradable.
C: Paper goods are environmentally preferable.

This is a strengthening question stem, so we should look for answers that supports conclusion above.
A> Sort of weakening
B> Hold this for the time being
C> Weakening the conclusion
D> out of scope
E> This ensures that even the by products apart from wood pulp ( generally used for paper production) can be utilized in an environmentally friendly way. This supports both our above mentioned conclusions. Hence, the best answer.

Re: CR ques doubt
by Nikhil Rajagopalan - Sunday, 24 January 2010, 07:22 PM

(A)Not entirely supporting the use of paper, as it is substituting the use of biodegradable plastics. Incorrect

(B)Its a very far-fetched supporting conclusion, as it brings the production aspect into play

(C)Does not support the main statement. infact it weakens it.

(D) Irrelevant statement and would never support the purpose

(E) Correct Option: This directly supports the plan as the sub-products derived from paper products that are entirely bio-degradable

Re: CR ques doubt
by manish nath - Monday, 25 January 2010, 10:20 PM
  What problem might there be in the council's plan? The plan is intended to reduce
the amount of plastic used by the citizens of the town

The town council's plan is however, only as
effective as the support it has from the town's citizens. If the citizens prefer disposable plastic
goods and if the goods are also readily available in neighboring towns,there is nothing to stop
them from buying the plastic goods elsewhere if that is their preference

A The existence of biodegradable plastic does not make the town's plan to ban disposable
plastic goods unsuitable to its environmental goal

B The town's plan is no less appropriate for its goal if the local paper factory makes
biodegradable paper goods

C Environmental benefits need not be immediate

Even though benefits were not perceived
fir several years after similar bans

the benefits did occur

D Correct

This statement properly identifies the problem with the council's plan

E The specific materials that go into making no biodegradable paper are not in

This statement is irrelevant to the plan

The correct answer is D

This is given in the OG...even i think the answer should be E...please correct me if i am wrong
Re: CR ques doubt
by suman ranjan - Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 07:12 PM
  This question is not correct. This is from OG 11 and rather than 'suited' it should be 'ill suited'. OA is D. Pls verify the Q.