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Re: SC : answers justification required
by suman ranjan - Saturday, 9 January 2010, 10:25 PM
  8. a. 'which' without a comma, wrong
    b. 'which' without a comma, wrong
    c. 'permit x to balance..' is correct usage
    d. 'thus 'realizing' is awkward.
    e. awkward construction, 'they' is referring to employees

9. I think correct answer should be 'D'. This is a problem of misplaced modifier.
    a,b,c - modifier wrongly modifies possessive -
Harold Macmillan’s
     D - Modifier correctly modifies
Harold Macmillan.
     E - Misplaced modifier

10. The intent of the sentence - A special green tea called Genmai-cha contains brown rice. This tea is considered a gourmet by most Japanese. This tea is not available outside Yokohama.
Now lets consider all the given options one by one,
a . 'considered as' is wrong. It seems not the tea but brown rice is gourmet delicacy.
although 'consider to be'  is ok, it is always wrong in GMAT.'brown rice' seems unavailable outside Yokohama instead of Genmai-cha
c. Correct
d. 'consider as' is wrong
e. misplaced modifier after ' though virtually....,'. It should have been 'Genmai-cha' not ' most japanese'