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Re: CR Question.
by shubham yadav - Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 05:15 PM
  Hi Suman,
             This is shubham yadav i am fully  agree  with u but we all know that  this is G-mat examination so there r many answer which  r correct but we r to find best one.
                                             Because we r asked that which one support the conclusion & that should be we find two things first -
1-conclusion-Global warming is prevailing & human beings r responsible for that  & it will bear a horror role in future(indicating to coastal distroyment).
2-assumption-it comes after premises &before conclusion So that is not written in passage at all.
            ''elimination is the best approach for R C ''
1- if we give one glance to E option then we'll see that it is given in passage so it is premise not assumption
2-D option is obstract choice & it is not supporting our conclusion.
3-C option is premise also.
4-B option says that individuals will not aware & they will not do what they could do.
                       but please see that is there any point from where we can assume that?
                      in passage there is only one line for people that they r responsible for all cause.
So we don't know the exact answer but we know all wrongs.
thats why A is correct one.