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GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by sim card - Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 06:15 PM

Hi guys..

Appeared for GMAT on 19th Dec and got a 700. I was looking for something between 710 and 750, so not sure whether this score is enough. I got a seven at the beginning ,so somewhat satisfied.

I would like to thank Total Gadha, as this is the place where I got answers and explainatations to most of my questions. Would like to thank Suman and Taka for helping me plan my studies.

Thanks guys,

Sim Card.

Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by Takahiro Minagawa - Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 09:28 PM
  Congratulation sim card!
I think 700 is competitive enough to beat top MBA schools.
All you have to do more is to elaborate your essay and survive interview.
Good luck!

Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by suman ranjan - Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 11:24 PM
  Many more congratulations from my side.

700 + a good essay, will definitely secure you a place in top 20 MBAs.

All the very best..wink

Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by sim card - Thursday, 24 December 2009, 04:34 PM

Thanks guys.

Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by Dhanesh Vyas - Saturday, 26 December 2009, 09:30 PM

Hi Sim Card,

Congrats on getting 700 in GMAT..will you please share your study plans and the books that you referred for the GMAT. Did you go through the book "Ace the Gmat" as suggested by would be a great help for me as I am also planning to take GMAT in next 1 month..



Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by sim card - Monday, 28 December 2009, 12:45 AM

Hi guys,

First of all I would say don't rush through ur preperation. Appear for ur test only when u feel confident enough. In certain cases it may take some time but don't just appear for the test,because u have had 1 or 2 months of preperation, appear only when you feel you are getting there.

How I studied


I was fairly confident in math and concentrated my effort mainly in verbal.

I started with OG 12 and read the explanations for each and every answer choice, whether right or wrong. I found the explanations especially important for SC because they raised concepts that are actually tested on the gmat. Here I did a mistake of studying the Mgmat sc guide towards the end of my preperation and thus lost time on practice.
If I were to do it again, I would study the sc guide first and then do OG questions along with each chapter of sc guide.

For CR I felt I lacked in practice. I started with OG, then did some of the cr questions from 1000 series and towards the end did CR bible. Initially I did not feel the need for any book on CR but only after trying my hands at LSAT CR and above average gmatPrep CR questions, I realised that there is something more to CR. This led me to CR Bible and I realised what a blunder I was making by studying the books on basics just 15 days before the exam, thereby loosing time on practice. Its better late than never.

I would like to mention that I did Kaplan premier program as well.


1. Powerscore CR bible: This book is must for a high score on gmat. It helps for both the CR and RC sections. I read debriefs of people who had improved there scores by 80 to 100 points on a retake. Most of them had improved after studying this book. This further strenthengthened by belief on cr bible and rightly so. This books tells the logic behind CR and RC questions. I felt more confident in both CR and RC sections after studying it.

2. Mgmat sc guide: Arguably the best sc guide. Should be the first book along with powerscore CR bible for gmat preperation. It is very important to learn all the concepts offered in Mgmat guide.

3.OG 12th edition and gmatPrep: If u have only 15 days for ur preperation, this is the only book that you should study. Other books are important for building the concepts but when it comes to real gmat type questions you should rely on OG and GMAT Prep.

4. 1000 series: Very important for practice.

5.Ace the gmat by Brandon Royal: Yes it is a good book and more than worth its cost, It summarizes the important concepts of all the sections in the simplest possible way. This book is typically useful towards the end of the preperation. I found it pretty useful for the cr section as I studied it befor powerscore CR.

I went through Kaplan 800, it can be used for additional practice.It helped me in general, offers tough questions.
Kaplan premier program is good for strategies and offered good math questions.
Both these books are not must buys, but can serve purpose if you have enough time and want additional practice.

Recommended Study Plan:
Start with Powerscore CR bible and follow it judiciously(If u want u can do a small exercise from  1000 series question for practice after each chapter. This will help you in applying the learned concepts).
Start OG 12 CR and RC question immediately after completing the  CR bible.
Practice extensively from 1000 series including LSAT CR.
Initially I took around 18 mins for a single passage. But by practising in timed mode I was able to do a passage in 8 mins.
Note down the time u take for a single passage or a set of 15 CR questions. Say u take 15 mins for a passage try to do it in 12 mins and stop doing after 12 mins. Once u can do a passage in 12 mins try to do it in 10 mins and then 8 mins. It may take some time but surely you will get there.

For SC start with Mgmat sc guide and do OG question referenced in each chapter. Read expalanations for each and every answer choice. Practice extensively from 1000 series, check online forums for expalnations to1000 series questions..

Do the math from OG 12 and other resources.
And appear for the gmat prep. Analyse ur mistakes.
I used gmatprep for extensive math practice. Installed the s/w again and again and digged out the toughest of the math questions.

Give ample time for practice, building basics is important but practice is equally important, Practice extensively from 1000 series.
After u complete the basics, do a prctice of 41 verbal questions: 15 sc in 22 mins, 15 cr in 28 mins and 3-4 passages (8 mins per passage), 20 PS in 39 mins and 17 DS in 34 mins. Do this practice everyday untill the exam. This will really boost ur score. Use 1000 series for this pracice.
It is a good practice to appear for a prep test once in a week after u have learned the basics. It builds stamina as well as speed.
The tests that I appeared for are:

1 Gmatprep 1 :640
2 Gmatprep2: 660
3 Kaplan: 710(this high score came after practice of the 1000 series questions in timed mode,I did this practice for 9-10 days, did the mistake of not continuing this practice untill the end.  .)
4 Mgmat1: 660( Math is very tough in Mgmat tests, Mgmat tests offer very good explanations and should be attempted initially not towards the end of the preperation.)
5 Mgmat2:620 
6 Mgmat3:640
7 Gmatprep1 :710
8 Gmatprep 2:720(only prep test including AWA) one day before the exam.

I think basic books in the beginning: Powerscore CR bible, Mgmat sc guide and OG 12the edition + extensive practice from 1000 series + GMAT Prep and review of all the wrong answers towards the end is sufficient for a 740+ score.

Actual exam:

I could sleep only for 2 hours before the exam, this was a major cause of my lower than anticipated score.

Make sure to practice AWA, otherwise it will not be easy in the actual exam.

Verbal went through, I had to guess on a few question but completed just before the time.

Quant seemed far easier than any practice exam and questions were like gmatprep questions. Quant was very easy untill the 25th question and questions were very similar to gmatprep questions,  I slowed done to double check the answers(here I lost some time needed for the tricky questions at the end.), only around 28th question I started getting tricky questions and had to guess on 2 questions, missed the last question. I think this made the difference between a 49 and a 50. Never try to gauge ur performance during the test.

Checked the score and was somewhat satisfied to see the first digit. Could have got more.



Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by lukhaa lukhaa - Monday, 28 December 2009, 09:43 AM


Congratulations and all the best.

Can you please share the Study plans & books that you referred for GMAT.

Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by Dagny Taggart - Monday, 28 December 2009, 11:10 PM
  Great score, Sim Card. Congratulations! smile What next?
Re: GMAT Score 700(Q 49, V 35)
by sim card - Tuesday, 29 December 2009, 01:19 AM

Thanks Dagny,

Now shortlisting the universities and looking into the application procedure. Need to hurry up for the third deadline.

Dagny it would be great if u can u suggest some universities that match my score. Considering I don't have an extraordinary profile. I am a B.Tech and have 3 years of workX.

Sim card