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Re: SC plz address
by Takahiro Minagawa - Saturday, 19 December 2009, 03:30 PM
  Hi again,
For A, B, you are right.
I was supposed to say,
"The fact that investment capital of $50 billion left Mexico" )

For, "there is" expression,
It is true. It is not I but ETS says that it is often wordy compared with other expressions.  Thus, I can eliminate it before checking its meaning.
If you cannot believe it, please check it yourself by Official Guide.
I am not saying that "there is" is wrong expression.
What I meant is "there is" is regarded as wordy by ETS.
Thus, it is seldom correct answer.
As far as I know, I came across only 2 SC questions in which "there is" was correct. And in both cases, all choices have its expressions as well.
(I went through more than 2000 questions.)