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Confusing CR
by sim card - Saturday, 12 December 2009, 02:52 PM

Professor Smith published a paper arguing that a chemical found in minute quantities in most drinking water had an adverse effect on the human nervous system. Existing scientific theory held that no such effect was possible because there was no neural mechanism for bringing it about. Several papers by well-known scientists in the field followed, unanimously purporting to prove Professor Smith wrong. This clearly shows that the scientific establishment was threatened by Professor Smith’s work and conspired to discredit it.

Which one of the following is the central flaw in the argument given by the author of the passage?

(A) The author passes over the possibility that Professor Smith had much to gain should Professor Smith’s discovery have found general acceptance.

(B) The author fails to mention whether or not Professor Smith knew that the existence of the alleged new effect was incompatible with established scientific theory.

(C) The author fails to show why the other scientists could not have been presenting evidence in order to establish the truth of the matter.

(D) The author neglects to clarify what his or her relationship to Professor Smith is.

(E) The author fails to indicate what, if any, effect the publication of Professor Smith’s paper had on the public’s confidence in the safety of most drinking water.

Re: Confusing CR
by Ram Ram - Saturday, 12 December 2009, 03:32 PM
  IMHO the answer should be "C" which negates the conclusion by the author that Scientific establishment was threatened and conspired to discredit it.
Re: Confusing CR
by sim card - Saturday, 12 December 2009, 03:58 PM

the answer is C but Its still not clear...

can you elaborate a bit more...

Here is another cr stimulus

The Scorpio Miser with its special high-efficiency engine costs more to buy than the standard Scorpio sports car. At current fuel prices, a buyer choosing the Miser would have to drive it 60,000 miles to make up the difference in purchase price through savings on fuel. It follows that, if fuel prices fell, it would take fewer miles to reach the break-even point.

Which one of the following arguments contains an error of reasoning similar to that in the argument above?

(A) The true annual rate of earnings on an interest-bearing account is the annual rate of interest less the annual rate of inflation. Consequently, if the rate of inflation drips, the rate of interest can be reduced by an equal amount without there being a change in the true rate of earnings.

(B) For retail food stores, the Polar freezer, unlike the Arctic freezer, provides a consistent temperature that allows the store to carry premium frozen foods. Thus, if electricity rates fell, a lower volume of premium-food sales could justify choosing the Polar freezer.

(C) With the Roadmaker, a crew can repave a mile of decayed road in less time than with the competing model, which is, however, much less expensive. Reduced staffing levels made possible by the Roadmaker eventually compensate for its higher price. Therefore, the Roadmaker is especially advantageous where average wages are low.

(D) The improve strain the Northland apple tree bears fruit younger and lives longer than the standard strain. The standard strain does grow larger at maturity, but to allow for this, standard trees must be spaced farther apart. Therefore, new plantings should all be of the improved strain.

(E) Stocks pay dividends, which vary from year to year depending on profits made. Bonds pay interest, which remains constant from year to year. Therefore, since the interest earned on bonds does not decrease when economic conditions decline, investors interested in a reliable income should choose bonds.

sim card

Re: Confusing CR
by gunjan arora - Monday, 14 December 2009, 12:24 PM
  Answer seems to be "C"...will post  the reasoning ..once answer is confirmed..
Re: Confusing CR
by suman ranjan - Monday, 14 December 2009, 09:30 PM
  Difficult question to answer within 2 min time under GMAT environment since u need to read all options really took me 5 mins to read all options, understand and come to a conclusion..I would have definitely skipped this question smile

According to the argument it can be clearly inferred that Scorpio Miser is in advantageous position when fuel prices increases rather than decreases( flaw in the argument)

On a similar reasoning, Roadmaker should be chosen when wages are low - its actually opposite, they should be chosen when wages are high, only then
saved wages can compensate for high price of roadmaker.
so, according to me its 'C'.

Hey SIM,, hope its your final count down for exam. Any strategy in mind for Quanty and Verbal ? Any game plan for those 75 mins.

Gunjan, Same Q for you too.
Re: Confusing CR
by suman ranjan - Monday, 14 December 2009, 11:03 PM
  I mean something like this,

Verbal -> (Q8 - 60 mins Q17- 45 mins Q26 - 30 mins Q34 - 15 mins).
my plan was to be done with q8 when the time left is 60 mins.. q17 when time left is 45 mins.. and so on

Refer to the below thread once,