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CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Cranky Pandit - Saturday, 10 March 2007, 04:29 AM

Starting your preparations for Common Admission Test ( CAT) 2007? Hear me out runts!


Here are some points about which you never thought of, may be because you were either too smart to understand life better or you believed more in relishing the so called pleasures emanating out of your daily disgusting existence and dreaming habits. Ok, lets come to the point. And I say things only once. So pay attention and listen good.

If it's the Common Admission Test which is bothering you, then you should

  1. Watch the queen's language as closely as you watch a damsel coming out of her elegant wardrobe; the damsel hits your hormones because of her beauty, antics or innocence and not because of the geography of her biological make-up. It's a mistake.
  1. Find three hours every day for the goddess of learning apart from doing all the useless things you do in your life because then even your unholy existence would be blessed by the goddess.
  1. Keep saying” God has made me intelligent so that I shall unearth and reveal all the mysteries” to yourself and study. If that doesn't work, then you need to do it once again. Keep doing it till it works!
  1. Forget trying to learn short cuts or solving complex mathematical problems that only a math genius can solve. If you are a math idiot, be proud that you are a math idiot and start from scratch. Don't follow math geniuses.
  1. Be friends with numbers or they shall never come back to you, leaving you totally miserable in this cruel, dynamic, intelligent world.
  1. Start loving puzzles. Do not forget that the more you love them the more they become familiar to you. If you don't follow this advice, don't come crying to me because you spoiled your D.I. section. I don't care!
  1. Start making notes of all what you have learnt. It's good to see everything in black and white when it comes to revision. Maybe you have survived as a lazy bum for long but that's not going to work in CAT. Get it?
  1. Start reading. I will say it one more time for you nincompoops; start reading! All you vocabulary crammers get this into your head- you can't do a thing in the verbal section if you are not a good reader. Period.
  1. Understand that exams are an opportunity for you to be recognized in this world rather than a monster to make you lose your sleep at nights
  1. Stop reading now as above mentioned points are sufficient enough to make you a "special person" on this earth. BYE.









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Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Anupam Agarwal - Sunday, 11 March 2007, 05:49 PM
  mst i say dat this guy is really dangerous...i think v better follow wat he is saying..coz wat he is sayin seems to be true...
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Soumya Khosla - Tuesday, 13 March 2007, 01:16 AM

Watch the queen’s language as closely as you watch a damsel coming out of her elegant wardrobe; the damsel hits your hormones because of her beauty, antics or innocence and not because of the geography of her biological make-up. It’s a mistake.

hahahaha...thts a thought put really

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by karan khanna - Sunday, 18 March 2007, 02:10 AM
  It's a  good motivational platform for the students who dont realize their capabilities and get themselves engage in stupid things...each word in each line has a meaning if anybody take it seriously.
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Manjusha Dhabale - Sunday, 25 March 2007, 07:35 PM


above all point is very heart touching,and straight forward

thanks for guidances


-abhijit kamune




Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by abhijit kamune - Monday, 26 March 2007, 02:07 PM

hi ,

this is very good site for MBA aspriant,give me a guidance for

QA,DI section becaz this is weak area,

give me tips for preparation of quant section.


Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Monday, 26 March 2007, 10:01 PM

Hi Abhijit,

Perhaps if you start with your introduction and background and tell us specifically the areas that you are facing probelms in, we can help you. Feel at home and ask any questions. That's what I tell my classroom students. approve


Total Gadha

by abhijit kamune - Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 09:05 PM

hello sir,

I am Abhijit Kamune BE Comp sci passout graduate.I am currently working in FEAST sofware company(IIT bombay).I am join IMS Coaching classes,

My math's is not so strong.The main thing is my basic is not so clear,

in my class there is some student which give ans within fraction of sec,

that's why i am very much worried about math's section.

Can u pls suggest me how i over come this problem  of my graduation i am facing alot of problem with math subject.

But this time i want to beat maths.

So pls give me u r valuable  guidances .

Thank You



Re: thank's
by Total Gadha - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 12:35 AM

Hi Abhijit,

Let's first see what we are aiming at. Regardless of change in the pattern of CAT paper every year, the number of questions to be attempted correctly to achieve cut-offs in quant hasn't changed From CAT 2003 to CAT 2006; it's 12. You need to get 12 questions right. The strange thing is that last year, in CAT 2006, students had 10 extra minutes for quant section, and the section was extremely easy, still the cutoff was 40-45 marks which boiled down to 11-12 questions. Don't waste time figuring out why it is so. Just know that it is so. Now here are some points I want to make:

  • Do not try to compete with students who can do quant fast. I have seen many such students in my class not cracking the CAT paper whereas less bright students in the class did it. If you are at point zero right now, start with point zero. First walk, then crawl, and then try to run. As Cranky Pandit wisely said- If you are a math idiot, be proud that you are a math idiot.
  • 12 questions to be attempted in 50 minutes means you have more than 4 minutes per question. And given that you can do many of these questions in less than 2 minutes you have ample time to attempt more questions. It does not take a math genius to crack CAT. However, it takes panic to screw anyone's CAT.
  • If your basics are not clear, ask. Ask ask and ask. When I cracked my CAT I did not have a place like Total Gadha. I did not have good instructors even. But you do. Make use of that. Ask anything that you did not understand it in your class over here.
  • In the end, realize that quant is rarely the section which makes or breaks people in CAT. It's Verbal section that does it. Sad but true. I can teach quant to a person in two months. But I cannot make him a good reader in two months. Take care of your verbal section also. And as always, keep asking.

Rest, I will keep guiding as we move along. IIT Bombay is wonderful place btw. I am sure the atmosphere is very conducive to learning. smile


Total Gadha

Re: thank's
by Total Gadha - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 11:05 AM
  Also, read the article titled "the inspiring true CAT story" on the main page.
Please Help
by Mitesh Chaturvedi - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 06:37 PM

Hi all,

   I really liked the strategy described for CAT preparation. I am preparing for CAT this year and also I am doing job in a software company so I am not able to plan out the time table I should follow for preparation.

Please help me.



Re: thank u vey much
by abhijit kamune - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 06:53 PM


thank u very much for u r guidances, so now onward i am concentrating on math's basic,and verbal tooo...


Re: Please Help
by Total Gadha - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 09:42 PM

Hi Mitesh,

First of all, thanks a lot for your warm response in the quant forum. As for helping you out for your preparation, I assume you would need specific guidelines regarding what you should do as you face a crunch of time. Therefore, I suggest you do the following so that I do not speak in general terms- download a CAT paper (preferanly CAT 2005) from the download section on TG, take a printout, sit for two hours on a sunday and take the test. Strictly take equal time (40 min) for each section. Then come back and tell me your individual scores, questions that you attempted, questions that you got wrong etc. I would have a good assessment of where you stand right now. Also, you will get a taste of what you will face in CAT.

We will take it forward from there. And don't worry, there's enough time to prepare for CAT. evil

Keep Rocking!

Total Gadha

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by SS VV - Saturday, 31 March 2007, 02:45 PM
  hey thnxx for the wonderful tips....any ideas how to study Di the logic questions......any sources frm whr i could get some materials
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Saturday, 31 March 2007, 05:22 PM
  Hi Sean,

Since 2004, nearly all of DI section in the CAT has become a logical reasoning section. My suggestion would be to hunt for puzzle books or find puzzles on the internet. They are actually the best way to develop aptitude for logic. Here are a few suggestions of my own:
  • Fantastic book of math puzzles by Margaret Edminston
  • The great book of puzzles and teasers by George Summers (my personal favorite)
  • Tricky logic puzzles by Norman D. Willis
  • Math logic puzzles by Kurt Smith
I also keep on updating puzzles on TG on a regular basis. In coming weeks I will also update the DI section with a lot of original and CAT DI. If you are in a hurry, you can download the CAT papers from our 'download' section and attempt the DI questions.

Total Gadha
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Choco Pie - Thursday, 5 April 2007, 07:32 PM

Hi Crancky Pandit !

I wish i had a mentor like u !
Bye the way i wanted to ask 4 an advice ... how should i stick to my schedule? I'm a master in making one, but do not implement it.
waiting for ur reply. wink

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Cranky Pandit - Friday, 6 April 2007, 06:34 PM

Hi choco pie

Who the hell on this earth told you that I am NOT your mentor?

It’s good that you are master at making schedules which means you could be good at some things, and which further means that there is a possibility that you could be good at implementing your schedules. All you need is to shake your head a bit, take a long breath, and pledge that you would toughen-up your will-power very soon at any cost. That’s it!


Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Friday, 6 April 2007, 09:52 PM
  Lol CP, you will scare the poor girl away wink
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Inder Negi - Monday, 16 April 2007, 05:38 PM

hi TG,

          i have a query regarding the preperation of verbal section as i am very poor in it..............i have written CAT 2006 and scored very poor in Verbal...........I am working as a software engineer and its very difficult for me to devote time to all the section on the regular basis as i all the effort i can put for CAT depends on the work i have..........

please help me out

thanks in advance.........

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Monday, 16 April 2007, 05:19 PM
  Hi Inder,

Ask your query in the CAT Verbal Forum. It will help other students also.

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Abhishek upadhyaya - Thursday, 10 May 2007, 01:25 PM

Watch the queen’s language as closely as you watch a damsel coming out of her elegant wardrobe; the damsel hits your hormones because of her beauty, antics or innocence and not because of the geography of her biological make-up. It’s a mistake. ...



sorry to say...but i really didnt understand these lines...kindly explain....

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Ganesh Iyer - Monday, 28 May 2007, 05:55 PM


i have a question..  I have been giving Cat for the past three years.. with horrible results every time.. I used to work for an automation copmany as a slaes engineer.. meaning i was travelling for 20 days in a month.. so could never prepare by following a specific schedule... wanted to give cat my last and best shot..spoke to couple of ppl and left my job so that i could prepare couple of fellows in my coaching institute told me that this does not go well with the profs at the managment instis... and they dont encourage admissions to such guys...  Others say its ok.. you just need to give them proper justification why u left your job.. now i am totally confused.... I just want a frank ans for this..Should i start looking for a job??? I think i have better options of finding one now rather than in Nov...

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 05:15 AM
  Dear Ganesh,

There will be no clearcut answer to this but if I need to take a stand I will take it in favour of you joining a job. Here are my reasons:
  • You have taken CAT thrice. You must be knowing that even after a good preparation, you cannot predict what is going to happen in the paper.
  • Taking a job will give you emotional security and will prevent you from panicking during the paper, a big psychological advantage during the paper.
  • Even if your CAT goes well, you will have to face questions related to your job in the interview and they would ask you why you didn't work for nearly a year.
  • In the interview, you will also be missing out on extra plus points because of extra one year of work experience.
Taking a job means making an extra effort in allocating time for your studies. I do not think you should shirk from this responsibility.

Total Gadha
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Ganesh Iyer - Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 07:39 AM

Hi TG,

Thanks for the advice...will work out something


Thanks  once again 


Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Sujeet Shrivastava - Monday, 4 June 2007, 12:33 PM
  Hi TG,

Please let me know how to exactly prepare for Quant. I want to learn from you each and every lesson of Quant. Please help me in this regard.

Eagerly waiting for your reply,

Sujeet S.

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by saurabh kaushik - Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 06:25 PM
this is saurabh kaushik here .
 i have completed by engg two years back & now working at NTPC . I have given CAT two times but without having coaching & able to get near 90 percentile .
but i need a pecentile in the range of 99 so i hv started preparing .
But many a times i  feel that in maths & quant i can solve most of the questions but the lagging factor is speed .
i have got some of my friends having 99.8 percentile , they do the maths orally most of the time ...
So sir i need your guidance , how to be so quick in maths so that i dont need to use pen without loosing accuracy.
There are definitely patterns for the questions & tricks also ....So please in Any thread try to include some tricks to solve maths easily & fast.
Also give me some peace of advice ...
waiting for ur reply...........
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by suchi sarpal - Monday, 11 June 2007, 03:29 PM

hello sir

sir actually i want ur advice abt some problem regarding MBA and LLB qualification ! there is a frend of mine who is preparin for her LLb entrance exam as for her parents wish,, frm faculty of LAw whch is on 17 of june and she is quite sure tht she will get through frm tht entrance but she is equaly wanna gv an exam of an MBA ,,but she is confussed whether wat if she will get an admission in an LLB course then she wont be able to concentrate on her MBA preperations for ths yr as she is very desperate to take cat ths yr ,coz she is also preparing for cat since frm 8 months i thnk and now her parents want tht why dont she try her luck in an LLB exam too as kinda another option 4 her ! as her parents thnk tht wat if she wont get an admission into a good B SCHOOL then atleast on tht time she will have an option of doin an LLb ! as her parents is sayin her tht there is a lot of scope of a company law so a law degree will gv here a lot of benefit if she will do ths course ! but she thnks tht her carreer decesion has been taken by her parents is not on the rite track as now she is damn confussed whether wat to do next as her parents have lots of expectations frm her tht she will definately secure a seat in a most prestigious law faculty of DU ! and her parents is sayin tht u can do MBA at any time of ur life but u cant do ths LLB throughout ur life again ! and ths line is demotivatin her alot ! she is confussed and she is equally tensed and upset ! her parents is saying tht ths course is even better then doin an MBA rite now as she can do MBA any time ,,, and if she will do an LLB then after tht she can do MBA as well  as an added qualifiaction in her biodata and as to secure a good MNC offer in  her pocket ! as she called me up finally and asked me to help her abt ths situation but i was equally confussed and tensed abt her carreer on tht time ! thts why i have decided to ask abt ths issue to u ! plzz help her by gvng some advice to me regardin ths issue if u can !

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by manzil saikia - Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 09:50 AM

Hi TG...

this is manz..this is simply awesome stuff uv put on this site...

After much deliberation I'v decided to finally take the plunge...

Bt I hardly find any time as Im working.I manage to squeeze in 2 hrs on avg and I know by any standards this is meagre vry meagre...

also i havent joined any of the coaching Im a bit apprehensive.

I hv worked hard on ur lessons..and its helpin me.Can we get some hard material to slog on.Do you suggest buying old material from those coaching classes??

 I hv all the books uv suggested reading .So wnted to ask you if this is enough.

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Total Gadha - Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 02:57 AM
  Hi Manzil,

Buying the old material and studying at home will suffice. smile

Total Gadha
I am 28 years old
by vamsi palem - Thursday, 6 September 2007, 04:45 PM

Dear TG,

I am 28 old Alumni of IIT-M( now I have decent flourishing career with almost 4 years of work experience .But as soon as I realised that only way to reach the upper echelon (MD's,VP's) of carporate is through IIM ,I have started preparing  for CAT and I am doing fine with both prep and mock cats.But recently one education counsellor told me that IIMs dont prefer anyone of my age group and work exp.From that day......."will my effort go in vain??"......the above doubt has been nagging me every time I take my books.


Please tell me u have come across one late 20's guy in IIM      and I 'll dispel all my doubts and go full throttle again.........and ofcourse kick that fellow's butts later.



Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Abhra Chatterjee - Monday, 1 October 2007, 05:52 PM
  Hi TG and CP,
First of all I would like to thank you both for the wonderful articles and the way that this site is managed. I am facing a strange problem. I am writing the CAT for the first time. I have taken up CL test series and my percentiles hover around 90+- 2 percentile. I do realise that this would lead me no where, but I am not able to better it in a consistent manner. I tend to loose concentration towards the end of the paper. And precisely, now I need your suggestion.
I start off with English - score around 15/25,
then I move to DI - score an odd 12/25.
after this I start quant. I solve the first 3 - 4 and then loose steam. I end up solving some 6 -7 problems. Therefore, I can't clear the cutoff for either one section DI/ Quant (whichever I try last). Please suggest me something so that I can overcome this problem. time is running out. Please help !!!
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by tushar jain - Sunday, 13 January 2008, 12:56 AM
  Hi TG
Thanks for such a wonderful site.Have been following your site for the past few days(after CAT 07,to be more exact smile) Well, this is my profile and question::

1)Have appeared for CAT 06,during my 4th year of Engg.Had joined an institute and prepared for the exam,with lot many hiccups(in form of sem exams,placements,internal projects etc) in between the preparation.could manage only a percentile of 87 .
2)Appeared for CAT 07. Was never serious and wrote it without even an inch of prep.Got a percentile  of 93.10(quant=84,DI=91,VA=87)
3)So this time wanna seriously prepare for CAT.I am totally confused how my preparation should go ,since i had a feel of both the scenarios i.e with prep and without prep  and couldnt make out to which extent i need to prepare.
4)What should be my approach?Actually i am in job,so any correspondence course/test series you would suggest for the preparation(apart from the material/sources posted by you in one of your posts).

please help,i m confused.
Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by AsHwIn Drmz - Thursday, 17 January 2008, 06:02 PM

i am planning to prepare for cat-2008 very seriously...i am very weak in quantz.i get scared seeing quantz questions in cat,xat or anyother mba xams...i want to prepare well dis tym to face it...iwana stsrt from scrach...

could u suggest me best way to prepare from dat i could get a gud command over it.

plz help me out....

Re: CAT 2007 preparation primer for loggerheads
by Ashish Kumar - Thursday, 3 April 2008, 11:57 PM
  hehehehehe one 11th point

11. Stop thinking n start doing lol....