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Re: Divisibility and Bases
by Aakash Gupta - Saturday, 31 May 2014, 10:52 PM
  Hey TG..

I came to know of Total Gadha from a cousin of mine. The first image that came to my mind about this was that of a typical site providing that old and repeated study matter. Still, I thought of giving it a shot. And after few months, I think that was one of the best shot I fired aiming for CAT.

Quant is my strong point compared to verbal and I didn't think that TG will offer anything new here. But I must say that the question specific material you offer here is outstanding. The study material and the approach you describe here hit right at the center of problem.

As far as this topic is concerned, I haven't read it yet but the introduction itself fills me with confidence. Is baar TG wale IIM le hi jayengee...!!