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A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by Abhinav garg - Tuesday, 28 April 2009, 04:19 PM

This is a genuine question from the point of view fo resources.

If one has to ultimately absorb in field of management .why bother doing 4 yr course?

What do you think are the adavnatage of being Btech manager?


Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by Zabeer Mohammed - Tuesday, 28 April 2009, 05:46 PM

hai garg..

in my opinion there is nothing like btech-manager or bcom manager.. a manager is someone who knows how to select solutions from available options and a better manager may be one who chooses better solution among available solutions.. ( isnt CAT also checks the same quality.. ??? smile )

but going through a professional graduation ( like btech ) helps to develop some sort of pressure management and time management skills than other courses..


Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by nishant pathak - Thursday, 6 August 2009, 07:15 PM
  no not like dat!!
,,,,da background knowledge always helps
i m 4m biotech field & facing lot of prob with CAT leavel
as compare 2 engg..or bba students.......
Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by Pushpendu Roy - Monday, 10 August 2009, 12:21 PM

I feel that engineering shapes your perception towards the world around you.. You tend to be more logical in your approach towards life.

Cracking CAT or any other exam is just the first step..


Developing a proper mindset is what is required to become a successful manager and a good B- School is one which helps you develop that

Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by brendan decruz - Tuesday, 11 August 2009, 11:50 PM

hi abhinav,

To a certain extent, yes, being an engineer does help when it comes to doin the QA/DI CAT type questions.... But, do aprecitae the fact that BA students do have the upper edge when it comes to the VA/RC part of CAT....Ok...

Now w.r.t. being a manager, I feel, it depends...For ex: In a Finance MBA, there is no doubt that students with a BCom, BBA or CA background are anyday better off than the engineers.... Students doing an Operations MBA are better off with an engineering degree.....Students doing Marketing MBA are better off if they have good oratorial, convincing and presentation skills...Students with IT background are better off if they pursue an MBA in I.T. .....etc......

So, to generalize and say that being an engineer is preffered over others with respect to doing an MBA or becoming a manager, is not very correct!!!!


Brendan D'Cruz

Finance 2008-10

IMT Ghaziabad

Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by abhishek singh - Friday, 14 August 2009, 01:58 AM

hi abhinav,

i dont think that the education background plays an important role for being a good manager its more of the attitude then the knowledge.

about ur second point i think indian b schools are biased towards engineers (no offences) if u check any b school profile u will find that more than 50% students are engineers and that also usually frm i.t field..

now dont u think we r producing clones all of them will think and act alike cause they have the same education and same logical mind..

if u see any b school abroad they have a balance of people from all walks of life and this gives a unique learning enviorment to the class cause mba is not just learning in class its more about learning from ur surroundings

Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by srikant dv - Thursday, 8 October 2009, 03:58 PM

Hey Abhijit,

To be a better manager you just need the right skills not a degree.


To answer abhishek's second pointno offence taken but dont you think the MBA Colleges do not have much choice in the matter as the overwhelming numbers that do apply for colleges tend be engineers.

Just because two people are from IT field they will not be clones. In contrast you will find a motley collection of highly talented people working in the IT industry.

Colleges abroad have a clear cut idea of who they will select and colleges in india still lack that clarity (Again overwhelming numbers of certain kind of individuals applying doest not help the cause) If you check the profiles of students in the top colleges in india the group will be as varied as a rainbow but rest just go on with what they get.

Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by ronak patel - Saturday, 17 October 2009, 11:04 AM
  hello friends
                   i have the same query that: doing mba after engineering a better option OR doing masters in respective field of engineering a better option?i am in my third sem of BE EC ,wants to do mba but my parents suggests me to do ME in EC..
         TG sir and friends help me in this..
Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by KAMONASISH AAYUSH MAZUMDAR - Tuesday, 27 October 2009, 11:12 PM
  @abhinav: because our education system is f-ed up smile
(sorry for the word-will elaborate once i am done with cat this December 4th smile there are so many loopholes that its about time someone stood up and said something)

a manager is one who manages. period.

do something because you love it not because you love something else. same holds good for management. would you do X thing if no one paid you a single cent for it? would you still love doing it? if you would then yes, its one thing that you should go after. remember that a job is something that you are gonna do for your entire life so be judicious and be very careful otherwise your midlife crisis will over-power you by the time you are 35.

we are dishing out crap (in majority of cases)
directionless people with directionless lives doing directionless education.
in India difference is demonised, you are good if you follow and not lead, answer but not question. we, the people, are directionless.

there are so many examples of things going wrong in the education system that it is astonishing.
a big example would be how the IIMs are running themselves and the children who go beg to go inside (like me and you). its a huge placement agency and may be a little bit more. why do i say this? well, most people who get into an iim (i know so many of them now, most as friends and relatives) have no idea of what they are getting into, they just know that its going to give them money. they have no idea about specialisation but somehow when the guys get in, they get to submit their resume to certain companies in the the month of october/november-just 3/4 months into their course for their summer internships where most of them get placement offers given by these companies. doesn't it make you wonder how guys who had no idea of specialisation and who WILL be reading about their specified fields after another 6 months decide on a company and the company decides to hire them on basis of this assumption? what does this conclude? it just concludes that the iims are a huge placement agency for these MNCs wh oare looking for highly servile people who are hardworking and talented enough to crack an EXAM, then a GD and then a PI to get into the meagre 1500 seats where 300000 people give the exam smile it just tells you how hard it is to get in and obviously when its that hard to get in, anyone who gets in is good enough to become a farmer, an astronaut, a ceo, a banker, a prime minister, a herdsman, a cow, a director, a writer, a whatever - the point is anything a company wants out of you and is paying you enough to do it or rather paying you enough not to do something else which you might or might not be better at. its just plain and simple statistics that are at play. an educational institution should be such that it instills the sense of right-brained activity not just be a left-brained workshop that we have been going through for 17-18 years of education (graduation) which is exactly why the forbes list of the most highly influential people in the world lists 10 out of 50 indians but how many of these indians are in india? none, zero, zilch, nada nil, nix. how many nobel laureates are teaching in india? zero, zilch, nada nil, nix again- infact, when and if these guys come in, we make them flee because they say "bad" things about us but obviously we are too proud and vain to listen to their just advice and so we term them ludicrous. obviously an institution where underlining answers with COLOURED MARKERS gives you more marks isn't such an institution ( i have documented proof of one such iim :| ) and this is exactly why even after beating such statistics the best of the iims are at 72nd and 78th world ranking smile and gmat scores half as good will get you at better places in asia itself-lest apart colleges outside asia.

get the degree-use it in your favour to do what you want to do. don't be servile, be the guy who changes things around yourself smile

whoever is reading this, i hope you be the change you want to see in the world and light a candle rather than cursing the darkness (unlike me) or well, if you are like me, then curse the darkness but light the candle as well so that more people know about the darkness and the candle you lighted. may you have a great life ahead smile
Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by ronak patel - Saturday, 31 October 2009, 02:15 PM
  yes friend we r in the same darkness of education where we r missing many instincts of our education system....students like us r reluctant to run in this void education system..BUT WE CAN DO NOTHING UNLESS AND UNTIL WE R UNITED AND HENCE WE HAVE TO WALK ON THAT PATH..

Re: A guy with Btech is bettter manager?
by AMARDEEP SHARMA - Monday, 19 September 2011, 02:36 PM
  its not a degree which makes you a good manager its the skills and how you apply them .DO SMART WORK.PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT NOBODY IS PERFECT THEN Y PACTICE?
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