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B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Sunday, 7 December 2008, 08:40 PM

cat interview iim tips strategiesHere is another contribution from a past-year TGite studying in IIM Calcutta- Chandrima Das. As for the background of the charming lady, here it is in her own words- I completed my undergrad from NIT Durgapur in Computer science and engineering earlier this year. I somehow squeezed through CAT, and then through XAT. The professors at the interviews liked my jokes, and so I had IIM CLIK and XL converts against my name, with a waitlist at A. The profs at C liked my jokes more than the others and so they even put me in the top 20 in the admission list! Next my jokes earned me the Aditya Birla scholarship, and then the OP Jindal scholarship.

Now I'll be laughing all the way to the Boston Consulting Group for my summer Internship in April. It just pays to be funny I guess.

And from this funny lady who can crack jokes in pressure situations comes an amusing and helpful article on B- School interviews. If you have any queries, do post them here and Chandrima will answer them herself.- Total Gadha

The hapless IIM aspirant trudged up the steep hill slope, his forehead steeped in perspiration. The perspiration was due to two things, the sheer effort of successfully climbing that hill called Mt. “CAT” and the fear gnawing at his heart for what lay ahead. He had conquered one mountain but another was yet to be climbed, a far higher and more treacherous peak, the acme they called Mt. “GD/PI”.

 However, at the top of Mt. CAT there rested the legendary guru, Baba Knoweth-all. The hapless aspirant’s heart gladdened at the very thought, for the Baba was known to possess a boon which could help the aspirant cross Mt. GDPI in a snap. But in order to obtain the boon, he would have to please the Baba first.

The Baba rested at the top of the peak, his eyes shut in deep mediation. The aspirant inched closer and said smartly to the meditating Baba, “Good evening Sir”.

The Baba opened his eyes and replied “Well done my dear. It is a good practice to start off any interaction with a person you do not know with a greeting. During your Interview it is a good practice to either greet all the members of the interview panel individually or wish them collectively. It’s a small step, but a step that displays your sense of etiquette. I see potential in you.”

“So tell me, who are you?”

This was the ice breaker of all ice-breakers, the most direct of methods in fulfilling the diabolical objective of any interview which is, “Getting to know the candidate.”  The question may also come disguised as “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe yourself in n lines”.

The aspirant replied “Myself Mr. Lallu Panju. I was born in Jhumri tallaiya beside the great lake where I had a happy childhood with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I went to Khitpit Vidyalaya from standard 1 to 8 and then shifted to Jhakkass High school where I studied till 10th standard, which I passed, obtaining 99% marks. My Father is the local Don and my mother is His boss.....”

The Baba stopped him. “Lallu, first of all, don’t refer to yourself as ‘myself’. There are people who start off with ‘My name is...’ . I would advise all of you to feel confident about your identity, use good grammar and say ‘I’m so and so.’ I understand that you hold your childhood and your family very close to your heart. However, I don’t see the need for the interviewer to know so much about them. Restrict that to one line. Have a structure and sequence in your introduction, for it is a common question and almost every interviewer expects you to have prepared for it. However I would caution you against losing your spontaneity, and therefore have a list of points you would like to convey in your head, but do not fret if you miss one. Some of the things you can talk about is your origin, your educational background, preferably omitting marks/division of course and your last workplace. The ice-breaker is an important question as any information you give out in your answer will lead to further questions and direct the course of the interview. The purpose of this question is not only to get to know you but also to know what to interview you on.”

Whew! There could be so much gyaan about a thing as simple as an introduction. Lallu wiped the increasing gathering sweat off his brow.

“So tell me Lallu, why have you come here?”

Here it was, the second of those eternally recurring questions that life throws up, questions on purpose and objective. These also popped up often in interviews disguised as “Why do you wish to pursue a career in management?” and “Why IIM XYZ?

“Baba, I have come here to ask for gyaan.”

“It is a noble purpose.” replied the Baba, “The answer to this question would convey your clarity of purpose in pursuing that path you wish to follow. You must have your reasons for pursuing a career in management and that too from a particular institute, ready. Be ready to answer accompanying queries on the reasons you give, and how they clarify your priorities in life. Your answer should fit into your long term vision of where you see yourself. And this brings me to my next question, what do you wish to do with the superpowers IIM XYZ will bestow on you?”

This also came disguised as “Where do you see yourself 5/10 years from now?” and “What are your goals in life?

“Sir I see myself as the world’s highest flying superhero-Manager!” Lallu replied with excitement.

“Lallu, if you go to IIM XyZ you will surely become a manager. You need to have introspected enough before you go for an interview of this importance as to what your purpose is in obtaining this degree. However, bear in mind the fact that the future is uncertain and hence whatever vision you have for yourself needs to incorporate flexibility into it. Your vision for yourself also needs to be such that a management degree plays an important part in helping you get there. Above all be honest with this answer and remember that no goal is too small or too big.”

Lallu looked a bit downcast after all the heavy-handed gyaan. Sensing Lallu’s unease the Baba asks him “So Lallu, tell me about your interests and hobbies.”

An innocuous question that is often used as a follow-up to the ‘Introduction’ routine, this question helps the interviewer asses if you are a regular nerd or whether you have time to pursue a normal life. It is good to have a few interests, but if you don’t know how to sing, dance, act, play an instrument, or are not the world’s best sportsman, quizzer or debater, don’t worry. An interview is after all a conversation and the interviewer is looking for a topic to talk on. If you are the kind who listens to old Hindi film music, or follows F1 on TV, go right ahead and say it. No negative marks for you if you do, but the interviewer gets ammunition for his line of questioning.

“I love taking my neighbours cows out to graze every evening. This is how I get a chance to check out the village girls as well!”

The Baba smiled benevolently “All right, so tell me in which part of the world would you find a Dwarf Lulu cattle?”

And this is the reason why an interviewer asks you about your interests in life, to check the depth of your knowledge in you claimed area of expertise, usually however to take that topic as a gun to shoot you with.

Lallu was flummoxed!

“Sir, maybe it is found in the USA. The name sounds like it is American.” He ventured.

The Baba replied “Don’t hazard a guess. There are three little words I shall tell you, which will get you out of deep and difficult holes that you may have dug for yourself and re-direct you to more familiar pastures. Use these 3 words with discretion and honesty. An incorrect answer may spoil your chances but these 3 words, if judiciously used will never earn you any minuses. The three words are “I don’t know.””

“This is all the gyaan I can give you for now Lallu. However do look up the FAQs that I have listed below. They may be of help to you. I wish you all the best. May the climb up the next peak result in success for you!”


What is the appropriate attire for a B-school interview?
Answer: Business Formals preferably. The whole idea of dressing up for a B-school interview is to represent your enthusiasm for the process as well as to show that you are not a shabby dresser, who is casual about even important events in life. Cleanliness of attire is more important than expensive or flashy clothes. A suit, a sober tie, a clean full-sleeved shirt and polished shoes for gentlemen, a suit, full-sleeved shirt for ladies or a sober saree/ starched salwaar suit for ladies is considered appropriate attire. One may do away with the blazer if it is very hot and the rooms are not air-conditioned.

What are some of the cardinal mistake before an interview?

Being Late: It is best to keep a buffer of 40 minutes before you reach the venue because of various exogenous reasons like traffic, strikes and the most common one, not being familiar with the location. Being late to an interview or group discussion creates a shabby first impression, and every candidate can do without the burden of that.

Chewing gum, chewing paan, and smoking: Chewing substances in an interview creates an instant negative impression. The interviewers are Professors and they expect the candidates to be their students in a short while. Obviously such behaviour is not expected out of a prospective student no matter how many years of experience he or she may have. It is also advisable to not smoke right before an interview or group discussion.

Drinking too much water: This is a funny one but it is better to be safe, albeit a bit thirsty rather than sorry. A candidate may be called in at a time when he/she is not prepared to go in. I have personally seen a gentleman run off to the men’s room the moment his name was called for the interview, leaving behind a waiting room full of laughter.

These were just three questions and FAQs. So how does such minuscule preparation help an MBA aspirant get beyond the interview barrier? It doesn't. This is merely the first step in preparation, being thorough with personal and application form based questions. Any candidate who isn't sure of his own motivations and identity is a surefire reject no matter how good his technical and general knowledge is, and no matter how well he fared in the Group discussion. Personal questions and a good initial impression are the first hurdle. If you trip here, you dont go further. There are many more hurdles to prepare for like General knowledge, academics, questions on Work experience. And I'll be around to help you clear them.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by rashi agarwal - Sunday, 7 December 2008, 10:11 PM
  hii Chandrimaa,

Although i have nt cleard the IIMS cutoff ,but hopefully I will be needing it next year. A great article.Or I must say a great effort  BY TG ALUMNUS. I think I hav seen u in the newspaper wen the  news abt Aditya birla scholarship ws printed in Economic Times.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Monika Kadam - Monday, 8 December 2008, 12:16 AM
  Hi Chandrima. A very helpful article indeed. I would just like to ask one question. How much does the fluency in English matter in a personal interview? I know it creates a good impression to be really good in English but I personally have this problem with being lost for words at the precise moment when I most need them. Also, using fancy and sophisticated is that helpful, if at all..
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Monday, 8 December 2008, 01:34 AM
  Hi Monika
Being fluent in English is an advantage but beyond a basic level of competency,it is not a requirement. In fact, usage of heavy words in an interview actually creates a negative impression. At the end of the day an interview is Just a Conversation, and no one likes a show-off.
If you feel lost for words in an interview, do not worry. It happens to a lot of us. Take the whole process as an opportunity to meet a panel of very erudite Professors/ industry experts rather than as an examination.
A good technique is to pause for a few seconds at least before you speak in an interview. This will help you gather your thoughts better and convert them into words. Speaking slowly and clearly is better than speaking quickly, which is what we often misconstrue as fluency.
All the best.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by swastik das - Monday, 8 December 2008, 02:38 AM
  hi chandrima  didi this is swastik from nit durgapur.......although i wont be clearing cat this time(missing quant cut off) but i read this article its (awesome)and you  have mentioned all the prerequisites in a nice way ...congrats for ur A.B. there any difference between gd/pi procedures of iims and other colleges.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by kamnashish sen - Monday, 8 December 2008, 09:25 AM

Well Done!!

Fantabulously articulated!!

Some points I differ.. Chewing a gum during an interview in a sin.. But I suppose Before an interview it really helps coz when you chew a gum it keeps the glycemia levels in check which in turn keeps the adrenaline pump in control...

And if you cool better have the gum which will reduce the stink!!!!!

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Monday, 8 December 2008, 12:34 PM
  Hi Swastik
First of all thank you smile
There's always next time if you don't clear it in one shot. In fact one of my classmates cleared it in his 4th attempt and he is doing very well in the course now. So all the best.
There are differences in the admission processes of different colleges. XLRI for example, does not conduct a GD for its BM course. SPJIMR has Group interviews instead of GD or PI. FMS GDs are usually in groups twice the size of IIM/ MDI GD groups.
If you have very specific queries about the process of an institute, it is best to contact a student from that institute or the admissions office as I can only give you information on institutes I had applied to last year.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Monday, 8 December 2008, 12:38 PM
  Hi Kammo!
First of all, hope to see you in IIM Cal pretty soon smile All the Best.
Agree with both of your observations
Chewing gun is a no-no only during interviews. Smoking is a no-no even before it. Just mentioned them because last year I saw some people actually makes these gaffes in IIM Interviews.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by vikram singh - Monday, 8 December 2008, 01:38 PM
  Great article.....Do the interviewers ask for any question a candidate might have....what should be asked in that case?
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by kamnashish sen - Monday, 8 December 2008, 02:32 PM

Thanks a lot Yaar!! Somehow Hope I get a call from Jokaland... In doubt coz of the the INfamous english.. Will get back to you for the GD/PI gyan specially for Acads...

All the best for ur summer stint!!smile

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Monday, 8 December 2008, 04:52 PM
  Hi Vikram
They often do ask you if you have questions for them. Take it as an opportunity to learn more about the institute you are applying to, or even about any concerns you may have wrt how you fit into their program.
Questions on whether they offer certain specializations/ courses u are particularly interested in, on how a particular area of your interest may be developed in their program are good.
Some really inappropriate questions are:
1. How did i do in my interview?
2. Will you take me in?
3. How have the candidates before me done?
4. I have an F grade in "Probability Theory", does that hamper my chances in the course? (or any question like this which would draw attention to a weakness)

A good question shows how much you have researched about an institute and also how interested and eager you are to be a part of that institute.

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by swastik das - Monday, 8 December 2008, 05:57 PM
  didi can u tell tell me which xams u gave last year and wat war ur result in them.hope 2 draw some inspiration
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Dagny Taggart - Monday, 8 December 2008, 11:14 PM

*Thumbs Up*

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Riyaz Iqbal - Monday, 8 December 2008, 11:45 PM
  What? No one has asked the most obvious question after reading this? What jokes did you crack that enraptured the sombre professors of an IIM ?wink What all questions did they ask you?
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by aninda sadhukhan - Tuesday, 9 December 2008, 01:32 AM

One of the most well written articles, I was riveted to it! Felt like reading a story book.

Can we get to know the share of humor that you had?

regards, Aninda.

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Tuesday, 9 December 2008, 01:33 PM
  @ Swastik: Applied CAT, XAT, SNAP, FMS
Appeared for: CAT, XAT, SNAP
Cleared: CAT, XAT, SNAP (didn't appear for FMS as expected scores, Snap results had come)
GDPI: 7 IIM calls, XL, SIBM (didnt appear)
Cleared: IIM CLIK, XLRI, IIM A w/l, Didn't appear for IIM S
@ Riyaz: My IIM C/XL/L experiences are out thr somewhr on the test/GDPI forum
@ Rest: Thank you big grin
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Anand Sengupta - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 10:21 AM

Hi Chandrima,

Congrats for finally getting to study in the hallowed portal of IIMC. Article ta pore khoob hi bhalo laglo. Well, CAT queries apart, 1st tell me tor 10th e exactly koto % chilo & that too from which board?


Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Anand Sengupta - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 10:39 AM

Chandrima, i just fortgot to ask in my last query; what exactly were those jokes that made those Bengali(preferably) professors so very overwhelmed je ora toke nijeder admission list e top 20 te rakhlo? Please share them.



Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Abhi S - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 12:42 PM
  Hi Chandrima, nice to see u back. I want to ask u just one question.
"why do you want to do MBA? or why did u opt to do MBA?"

You must have answered this particular question may be a hundred times to yourself as well as the interviewers and i reckon no one can answer this question better than you because u have proved yourself time and again. This may help/urge others to do a bit of soul searching before they actually land at one of the b schools and in fact justify their 2 years.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 01:02 PM
  Hi Anand
With respect to the interview jokes, well that's TG sir pulling my leg a bit tongueout
I did my 10th from SEBA (Assam Board) with 81%. I can guess as to why you have asked me this, perhaps WB's Madhayamik isnt very scoring and there's an issue there.
Well, my state board wasnt as scoring as CBSE, and nowhere near ICSE. In IIM B and L the system is setup putting thses factors into consideration and making things relative. However, the docuents released by the other IIMs indicate no such measures to create parity between boards.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 01:19 PM
  Hi Abhi
Since I'm about to become a consultant intern, maybe I can help you structure it up a bit. tongueout <just kidding>
First of all, look at what the trade off is, MBA vs no MBA, the benefits of getting that degree, vs the losses, and the benefits of not getting the MBA, vs the opportunity lost. 4 questions to ask yourself, "What" is it that you will get out of it, "when" is the best time to do it. "where" do you want to do it from, "why" do you think you'll be a good manager.
I had pretty simple reasons to do an MBA, my family has been full of people who have been in business or administration, and I wanted to get into a decision-making and initiative oriented career. The MBA was one of the means to get there. I did my MBA right after grad because I believed that experience is something that helps you a) placement-wise b) to understand the course better. I had a decent profile and the lack of experience wouldn't hurt me too much market-wise. I also believed that I could relate well to the course anyway.

My reasons may not be applicable to you at all. In fact, if you have reasons its best to have reasons that are not general but specific to you, your ambitions, your personality and your profile.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Abhi S - Wednesday, 10 December 2008, 01:43 PM
  Rightly structured i must say. Thanks for replying. One more thing. It is not a question to you but a kind of exchange of thoughts i would say. Why do these business schools ask for work experience? I mean although its not mandatory for some schools, people say it is good to have it. But i might argue that during your first 2-3 years of job u are rarely or never involved in any kind of decision making. The only reason that you are at the lowermost position in the hierarchy. Even after 3-4 years you may well know how this decision making process goes on but it is not certain that you will take some good decisions that can impact the whole business. You may take decisions but the business (higher authorities) assures that they are better off without that. So how is this justified? what is your take on this, chandrima?
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Saturday, 13 December 2008, 12:31 AM
  It is said that work experience helps because:
a) It helps you identify with the course. When you work in a organization, be it at any level, it is expected that your perceptions and knowledge about a real work place and the processes, problems and issues associated with it would have developed somewhat. You can relate better to the subjects, thats' my guess (since I dont have work ex, I cant give u a first hand account)
b) it gives you better prospects in the job market.
c) my friends tell me that work ex gives u some amount of maturity and ability to handle responsibility vs a fresher, and that is looked upon favorably.

I felt that all of the above 3 are may not be true for certain individuals, so i really think that you should see what suits you.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Abhi S - Saturday, 13 December 2008, 09:15 AM
  i have observed all my friends and friends of friends and come out with the conclusion that only (c) option holds true. and what is said, i think, is not always true. In fact is seldom true these days.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by sirisha r - Monday, 22 December 2008, 11:18 PM

hi chandrima..firstly..i'd like to congratulate you for your achievements..

I am a stdent of 2nd year Btech. My questin to you this level..what should be my first step towards preperation for CAT. I have been adviced to brush up my school-level arithmetic first and have started doing just that(considering my arithmetic skills are weak).what would you advice??

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Pavit Chauhan - Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 08:09 PM

Hello Chandrima,

Congratulations for ur spectacular success in the mba entrances u took . I would like to know wat jokes did u crack in the interview? More importantly, how did u get urself to crack jokes in an IIM interview when there would have been so much pressure  (i am wondering you probably had better colleges or opportunities )? And yes how did the panel respond to ur jokes ???????????????? 

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 10:43 AM
  Hi Pavit

As I posted Before, the cracking jokes in interviews was simply TG sir pulling my leg a bit there. smile
However its is important to be calm and be natural in interviews. Raises your chances quite a bit if you dont put pressure on yourself and erase the stakes from your mind.

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Anupam Agarwal - Friday, 26 December 2008, 09:26 AM
  Nice post Hackie.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Top CAT - Friday, 26 December 2008, 10:20 AM
  Hi Chandrima
I would like to know why colleges ask to list all calls received from other institutes in their GD - PI forms.
And how to answer this question from "B" Institute "What if you get selected from "A" college?" Which institute will you join?

("A" college is better in rankings than "B")

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Friday, 26 December 2008, 05:11 PM
  Hi Top cat
From what I can recall from last time, I wasn't asked to list the number or institute of my other calls in any form.
You will be asked this question in many interviews however. If you have calls from other institutes then telling the interviewer is not an issue, go right ahead if asked. The question of "which institute will you join" needs to be handled tactfully however. You can do two things:
1. Tell them honestly what your preferences are if you have reasons other than rankings to justify your preferences. If you are indifferent between institutes, then so be it, that's not an issue. As long as you can justify your preferences. Citing Rankings is NOT a reasonable justification.
2. You can handle it diplomatically. Cite "Why College X" rather than talking about "why not college Y"
As to why colleges do this, you guess is as good as mine. I suspect they want to get reasonable numbers on their waitlist perhaps.

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by azhar khan - Thursday, 1 January 2009, 11:37 PM
  good reason for having chew gums before should be encouraged...
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by jyotsna mukherjee - Wednesday, 7 January 2009, 08:36 PM
  hi chandrima di...first congrats...i m doing my btech nw(3rd yr,cse)...i ve joined a coaching cntr as well...i m an avg student.....i wntd 2 ask u hw much tm shd i devote 4 cat prep...i knw dis s a very abstract the prob s the moment i study 1 thng,i feel i m neglecting d other..also this cmpsng stuff s also thr...plz help..
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by kartik jani - Thursday, 8 January 2009, 01:29 PM
  can you please give an idea of the kind of jokes you used to crack that helped you , as you say , through the interviews.... quoting some part of the humor would be really helpful of how to create a light atmosphere amidst the prevailing chaos in our mind during the interview kindly enlighte me , thanking you jani kartik
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Dinesh Singh - Saturday, 10 January 2009, 05:26 PM
  Hi chandrima...1 have got a call frm IIM-K. i m a from Nit,Jaipur and having a experience of 2 years in CSC. Can you please guide me for the GD and interview based on  your experiences....TIA
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by King Anand - Friday, 16 January 2009, 11:39 AM

heylo mam

thanks for such a  nice article

thanks again TG for such a great forum for us all

u were a great help !!!


Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by anchit goel - Wednesday, 21 January 2009, 05:29 PM


Thanks for this post.

A common for most of the engineering graduates is that after doing engineering why do you want to go for MBA. Why this change in field? Why not an engineering post graduate degree or an engineering related Job? Why MBA?

How should one tackle such questions. What should be the most appropriate answer ??

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Hackie Chan - Friday, 23 January 2009, 04:25 PM
  Hi Anchit
This is tricky one and needs a lot of introspection.
I guess a good way to go about finding this answer to this one would be to first see what an engineering career would give you if you continued on your current path.
Then you need to find out what an MBA will add to you. Some of those things an MBA may add may be important to your career and personal growth. So you could actually look at where an MBA will land you and then contrast the two.
The answer as such would of course vary from person to person.

Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by mohd huzaifa - Thursday, 29 January 2009, 07:42 PM
  hi friend, would you please help me out that whats the psychology and purpose behind selecting a candidate for pursuing MBA in IIMs. please help me out.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by mohd huzaifa - Thursday, 29 January 2009, 07:46 PM
  hi didi, i am preparing for CAT and i am in 2nd tear of my graduation so please help me that whats the purpose ND PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND SELECTING A CANDIDATE for doing MBA in IIMS. Didi please help me put so that i ca prepare accordingly. One thing more that what did they expect from us as a student  of IIMs???? VERY VERY MUCH CONFUSED.
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by anupam dey - Sunday, 8 February 2009, 11:04 AM
  A really good article indeed. Although , i am just a level or two below this stage. i.e i am still into the 2nd year of my graduation in engg.
But i found it really intresting and worth reading.

Hats off to you
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by karunya bharadwaj - Wednesday, 11 February 2009, 09:07 PM
  Thanks soo much.. You have provided some very useful information to all of us... Keep Rocking..!
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by sukanto maikap - Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 06:56 AM
  Hi Chandrima,
Thanks for your humorous article. It's cool.
I've a question regarding “So tell me, who are you?”
My schooling does not have any jhakkas thing in it. sad sad
10'th -> 74%
12'th -> 64.60%
B.Tech -> 8.08/10 ( not form A++ institute )
Work Ex - currently 1.6 years ( and thankfully ... still working )
Appearing for 2009 CAT
How this is gonna affect my chance in getting calls / getting into IIMs?
Re: B- School Intervies- Tips and Strategies
by Rajarshi Guha - Wednesday, 2 September 2009, 07:41 PM
  Okkk..So here I find Chandrima Das again!!..Good to see you..
Great,You are already a legend