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Re: Dagny Taggart's Ultimate Guide to GMAT Preparation
by Anju S - Friday, 30 January 2009, 11:27 PM

Hi Dagny !

 Am an Indian gal with 4 yrs of IT experience. Am a at home wife in the US right now.My short-term goal is to pursue an MBA from a reputed B-School here in US. I am interested in majoring with Marketing(I've an interest in advertising). The question I've got for you is , inspite of my nill-exprience in Mktg. and my   B-School friends adivicing me about the not-so-favourable oppurtunities for Indians in the American Mktg. field, am still very much passionate and interested. Am planning to take my GMAT in 2 months. What advice do you have for me. Also do any of the top B-Schools take students for Spring classes (just like the Grad schools) or is Fall 2010 the earliest term for me?

Any adivce is greatly appreciated

Thanks !