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Re: Parajumbles-9
by sushmitaTG TEAM - Saturday, 9 November 2013, 11:26 AM

1.) The answer is 4.
D is the clear starter. The story of art in restaurant is continued in C, which says how it can be done.
There is a EB pair.
Hence, 4.

2.) The answer is 1.
D is the starter. B continues the story in D by giving an example of the art crimes.
CA forms a pair, where C is the statement and A gives the premise behind C.
Hence, 1.

3.)  The answer is 2.

In the first sentence which is fixed, it is given that the government should utilize both quality and access. This pattern would be followed in the following sentences. Therefore, B would be the starter after 1, which contains matter about  “QUALITY”.

Also, DC is a pair. Therefore, option 2.

4.)  The answer is 3.

The first statement states that inflation is a  GLOBAL phenomenon. Thus, B would continue the story as it states “Along with many other countries, India..”.

Also, AD is a mandatory pair. Therefore, 3.


5.) The answer is 2.

The only trick to this parajumble is that ABC follow a pattern. Thus, 2.