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The Fuqua School of Business- Duke University
by Dagny Taggart - Saturday, 12 May 2007, 08:20 PM
  When it comes to leadership and innovation, Fuqua is a standout. Since 1999, the school has taken part in major pilots investigating next-generation computing devices that Fuqua leaders say will play a key role in the way people interact in and out of the learning environment. Fuqua has drawn national media attention for work exploring new client computing paradigms. Students often serve as beta testers, and members of the Fuqua community often are outfitted with the latest technological gadgets well before most environments.

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If you ask a student at Duke why he or she chose Duke, you will undoubtedly hear one more thing in addition to their outstanding academic program: People. Community and culture form an important part of Fuqua.
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