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National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by Dagny Taggart - Monday, 3 December 2007, 04:11 PM

cat 2007 cat 2008 nitie xat 2008 mba 2008Since its inception in 1963, NITIE has achieved significant milestones in the course of its progress. Sincere and dedicated pursuance of the objectives encrypted at the beginning, has led it to register itself as a pioneer educational institution and a peerless one in the field of Industry specific researches and teachings.




Name: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
Dr. Susbhash D. Awale
Address: NITIE Campus, Near Vihar Lake, Mumbai 400087, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 022 28575590
Fax: 022 28575670

Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management
Post Graduate Diploma Industrial Engineering
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and Management.
Management Development Programme
Fellow Programme

Eligibility Criteria:
PGDIM, PGDISEM, PGDITM: Applicants should have a Bachelor's Degree in any branch of Engineering/Technology or equivalent with First Division (5% concession on First Division % marks for SC/ST/PD candidates).

Applicants are required to have valid CAT (Common Admission Test ) score.

PGDIE: All engineering students with a first class degree and with a GATE score of 85 percentile and above are eligible to apply for the PGDIE programme.

PGDIE students each get a Teaching Assistantship (TA) of Rs. 5,000/- per month and a Contingency Grant of Rs. 5,000/- per year.

Seats for PGDIE:
A total of 90 seats are available. Of these 15% seats are reserved for SC, 7.5% for ST candidates and 3% seats for Handicapped/Disabled candidates, subject to the suitability of the candidate. In addition, seats are available for Industry Sponsored, QIP and Defence Services candidates. Candidates under these categories must have a first class degree in Engineering/Technology (55% in case of SC/ST candidates) and a minimum of two years' experience in the concerned field.

Expenses on tuition, room, teaching material, computer facilities, and other fees for a single student living on the campus, for the current batch, is Rs.111 500 per year.

Institute Facts (Infra, Activities etc.)
NITIE believes that its students are the cream of the student community and they deserve the best. The infrastructure support it provides to the students is a just expression of this belief..
PGDIM, PGDIE, PGDISEM are residential programmes and staying in the hostel helps develop group dynamics amongst the students and broadens their socio-cultural horizons. The hostels are really one of the best in the country. All rooms are well furnished single occupancy with attached bathrooms.

The NITIE Library holds one of the richest collection in books journals and online databases in the field of Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Organizational Behaviour, Financial Management, Training & Information Technology. It has an excellent collection of reference books, like Subject, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks and Workbooks.

NITIE is equipped with state-of-art computing facilities to compliment classroom pedagogy. In its various laboratories NITIE has about 250 Pentium IV workstations running on Windows 2003, Windows XP Pro, Linux and SCO Unix. All hostel rooms, classrooms and offices are equipped with 24*7 Internet connectivity with a 2 Mbps leased line. Every classroom and conference room is fitted with LCD projection facilities and LAN. Lectures are typically augmented by multimedia.

Facilities available for various sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Carom, Cricket etc. These facilities ensure that our future managers are healthy and physically fit. Spending time leisurely and relaxing are some of the methods of relieving stress. Hostel common room takes care of this with good music system, television and leisure reading material.

NITIE has a high faculty-student ratio and a strong base of highly acclaimed visiting faculty from across specializationsguiding the students and sharing their experience. Further through student discussion forums and certification courses,a very high degree of academic rigour is maintained.

Student Activities

MBAlive is an on campus magazine at NITIE. Optimal Terrain, under the aegis of C2X, or Chain to Excellence forum, hosts articles related to Supply Chain Management and Operations, iTrix Gauge, under the aegis of Technomatrix, deals with the happenings in the field of information technology, Mandi Mantras, helped by MIG or the Marketing Interest Group, keeps track of the latest in marketing and Maverick's Lounge, under the aegis of The Street, talks about corporate finance, capital markets, investment banking and other related areas. Cup of Tea-  the "break from it all" section. La Quiz is a quoz section and Zoink is the informal cartoon section of the magazine.

Dabawallas; Through a one day field Assignment , NITIE students numbering around 250 will accompany the Mumbai Dabbawallas on their daily mission to learn the logistics driving their business.

B-Gyan- An industry-institute interaction
Empresario,- The entrepreneurship cell at NITIE
Lakshya- The annual flagship event at NITIE
Mandi- is a unique marketing initiative by NITIE students
Mastishk- The online Business challenege at NITIE
Prerana-The annual festival of NITIE
Samiksha- Panel Discussion
Spardha- Business Stimulation Game
SPIC MACAY- The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth
The Rotract Club

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Marketing Interest Group (MIG)
The STREET - a forum for finance enthusiasts

TMX- the IT Syndicate
C2X- Chain to Excellence- Supply Chain Management forum

Arth- NITIE’s Mutual Fund
Just Talk- Consultant’s Club


NITIE, placements:
by Dagny Taggart - Monday, 3 December 2007, 04:25 PM
  Hi All,

Please find the placement statistics for NITIE in the file.

NITIE, Interview questions
by Dagny Taggart - Monday, 3 December 2007, 04:37 PM
  Hi All,

Please find interview questions for NITIE in the file.

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by munna man - Monday, 3 December 2007, 11:11 PM
  thats one hell of a gud institute... and real tough one too to get thru...

munna man
Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by King Kong - Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 08:41 AM
  Maam can you elaborate on Munna man's comments? It is indeed a good one. But why is it tough to get thru?
Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by Dagny Taggart - Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 10:06 AM
  Hi King Kong,

The point is, getting through which top institute is a cake walk?

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by King Kong - Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 04:27 PM

Agreed maam.

But a special mention in herem triggered some unwanted brain cells of mine smile Thought, there might be something more smile

Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by gaurav aggarwal - Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 07:48 PM
  Dagny ma'm Tg sir, as i was going through interview and GD i discovered certain things in common between non-IIM & IIM's at on side where non-IIM always checkes and rely on your knowledge about your course asking questions which are something like u can't answer unless u studied it on prevoius occasion means there is a lessscope of applying ur mind, they doesn't focus on ur power of opinion building but checking on ur techy side but on flip side IIM's just checks that the thing ur carrying on ur shoulders is in a proper working condition & could it be guided to attain success...........why is it so?
Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by Gaurav Pandey - Friday, 7 December 2007, 10:34 AM

i had applied to NITIE on 26th but still my status on the site regarding my application is that my application has not been received yet...

Through this forum i want to ask whether its only with me or with other people too.....

i had already shot an letter to and awaiting their response...

Can you shed some light on the problem.....

Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by gaurav a - Sunday, 9 December 2007, 02:59 AM

Will Check and let u know gaurav....



Gaurav Ahuja




Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by Abhinav Mishra - Monday, 10 December 2007, 10:33 AM

Even for me, Status of application is awaited .. i sent the documents long back ..

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by nishant shekhar - Monday, 10 December 2007, 11:09 AM
  Hi dagny,

Lovely compilation of  interview  questions has  got  a few alarm bells ringing  as thrs a lot to revise in a short span of time ......hopefully i get a easy lot ..........,if i get to tat stage in some college . :D

Thanks a lot ..

Nishant Shekhar
Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by Abhra Chatterjee - Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 06:06 PM
  Hi TG and DT... wonderful work done...a lot of insight gained about one of the finest colleges in India... I just want to add another point...
NITIE was set up with assistance of United Nations Development Project (UNDP) through the International Labour Organization (ILO). So two heavy weight names add to its image.
Thanks again.
Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by NEMESIS D - Saturday, 12 January 2008, 02:01 PM
  Hi Dagny,

   Can you please tell me what can be the expected cut-offs for NITIE....I am surprised no one asked u that earlier.....
I have done engg....My acads is the same time i have an experience of 2 years in TCS....i have 97 percentile Overall in CAT with fairely well in all the three....can i expect a call....
Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by praveen M.L. KUMAR - Sunday, 18 May 2008, 01:12 AM


i have a GATE2002 score of 96% percentile .Can i still apply for NITIE this year(2008)?.I have a relevant work experience of 1 yr in steel plant,3 yrs in teaching and 6 yrs in power sector presently.




Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by SAURABH Karn - Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 03:50 PM


Just enrolled myself today on this beautiful site and going thro' the threads, i think that it would be better to ask this question here,

What one should prefer among IIMA ABM and NITIE IM and why?

I have both the conversion with me and need some insight on this....

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by Anupam Agarwal - Wednesday, 21 May 2008, 08:23 AM
  Hey Saurabh,

Great man! I think IIMA definitely has more brand value than NITIE in all respects and ABM is a prestigious couse. Infact, I personally know someone who is IIMA-ABM passout. But then if you want to to take your career ahead in Agri Business or not is the question.  I definitely think that you should join IIMA without even a second thought. Why don't you also compare the placements of both the institutes, I think you would be able to evaluate better then.

Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by vishal verma - Sunday, 25 May 2008, 03:02 PM
  Definitely an institute par excellence!!!
As a matter of fact the cutoffs this year for the flagship course(PGDIM) have been higher than even a few IIMs.
The cutoff was around 98.25 %ile!!!

Damn tough to get into phew!!!
One of my dream institutes.....
Re: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
by vishal verma - Tuesday, 3 March 2009, 08:53 PM
  Also the following links should be useful:

More about NITIE:

NITIE Final Placements 2008.

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by Mandeep Singh - Saturday, 6 March 2010, 07:57 PM
  Hello Mam

I got a CAT score of 97.87%ile and have applied to NITIE this time round. But looking into the trends of previous years, getting a call from the IM program here is looking like a remote possibility.

So what I wanted to know was whether any of the other courses, PGDSEM and PGDITM, are worth going for?

Re: NITIE, Interview questions
by saswati guha - Friday, 4 November 2011, 08:44 PM
  Hi...I have done my BSc and MSc in Computer Science and have 2 years of work ex.Please tell me if I am eligible to apply in NITIE because it says BTECH or equivalent.