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Re: Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad
by mayank misra - Friday, 14 January 2011, 06:50 PM

Hi Dagny,

The placement reports for IMT here are rather dated, i have been getting mixed feedback about the institute recently. I figured this was because of the economic downturn, as placements everywhere were affected. Could we have an update on the recent trends.

Wanted to seek your recent take on the institute, and how it fares today compared to MDI, NITIE and the types, on course content, placements etcetera.

Which specialisation attracts the best offers ?

Also, If i join with 16 months of work ex, would i be eligible for laterals or would i be treated as a fresher.

Any other feedback would be much appreciated.  

Thanks a lot for a being a great resource.