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Re: Groupings and Distributions
by TG Team - Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 02:24 PM
  Hi Sravani smile

You are to distribute 5 identical things into 3 groups. Just think of what groupings are possible and write them. See if you get anything other than those mentioned in above post.

To start small, you can just check the ways to distribute 2 identical things (say a, a) in 2 groups. Isn't it, there are 2 ways only i.e. one a in each group i.e. 1, 1 OR both a's in one group and other on empty i.e. 0, 2.

Regarding second query, 'formulae' are also application of some external brain. So why to depend on someone else's brain if you have a one and can apply it. By the way, there is not any direct formula for this so far. smile

Kamal Lohia