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Ahh..I know that starting again with PROBLEMS may seem problematic to many. But our life is full of struggles and the real winner is that only who is bold to tackle them and intelligent to cross them over. Many of you might have appeared in CAT earlier, may be multiple times, with no expected success. But that should not be a cause for worry. A great poet of our country, Gopal Das Neeraj, has wrote- “kuchh sapnon ke mar jaane se jeevan nahi ruka karta hai” which means we should not be disheartened if things have not gone

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Share Your CAT 2011 Score!

CAT 2011 ScoreI have been missing in action on TG for a long time now; with my classes at TathaGat, a new venture that Dagny and I have been working on, and general vagaries of life, I have not been able to find time for TG. I had not been able to take CAT 2009 and 2010; my CAT 2009 was cancelled and the retest never happened, and I bought CAT 2010 voucher and simply forgot to submit the form. So this time everyone at TathaGat ensured I write CAT no matter what. Sharing my CAT score here (please forgive me … More

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Discuss Your CAT 2010 Result

cat 2010 resultThe CAT season is over with the results being declared. We request all of you to post your scores here in the following format. This would help us provide pointed support in helping you convert your calls and prepare robustly for your interviews. Name: CAT Score: Overall: QA VA DI IIM Calls: Non IIM Calls: ##; Academic Background: 10th 12th Graduation Work experience Please refrain from mentioning your slot/time etc to avid speculations and conspiracy theories.##;More

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Calculus for JMET

calculus for JMETThis article has been written by Mr. Anil Sharma from Jaipur. A director of Kings Education, Jaipur which aims at enabling the MBA students with the skills required to crack the highly competitive management entrance exams, Anil Sharma has done his B. Tech from IIT Roorkee. After a brief foray in the corporate sector, he found his natural calling in training the field management entrance examination where he has firmly ensconced himself for the last eight years. Today he is a much renowned name through out the entire stretch of the state of Rajasthan.Please do not forget to thank Mr. More

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Share Your CAT 2010 Experiences

cat 2010 experiencesHmmm... I wonder if any of our students were brave enough to take CAT 2010 on the first day itself but one never knows. After the fiasco last year, we would be hoping that this year's CAT goes smoothly for all the candidates. But then again, who knows. Maybe Prometric and IIMs still need to learn a lot. But the most pressing question running through each candidate's mind is "Is the level of questions going to change from that of last year's?" So everyone who has taken CAT 2010, please share your experience here in terms of number of attempted More

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10 Selected Geometry Questions for CAT 2010

cat 2010 preparationReading the CAT 2010 bulletin, we realized that it was necessary not only to build basics in a topic for our students but also to make them solve a large amount of questions. As IIMs are building their database, who knows where they are picking their questions from- previous year CAT papers, the internet, or some place else. On our part, it is becoming highly necessary that we make our students solve wide variety of questions if we can. The bugle has already sounded in TathaGat. The battle preparations are already underway. All the files that were lying in More

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Data Interpretation (DI) Questions For CAT

cat data interpretation questions di questionsA month back, I was sharing with my MBA classroom students my earliest days as a quant trainer. Working at a premier CAT coaching institute, I got converted from a CAT aspirant into a quant instructor. The very first class that I took was a disaster. I was supposed to take the easiest of topics in number system- HCF LCM. I prepared well for my first class, making notes and rehearsing for my delivery again and again. But the moment I walked into a class full of 50 to 60 students, my voice started quivering by itself. I developed a More

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CAT Quant Fundas: Chinese Remainders, Mass Point Geometry and more..

cat 2010 cat 2011 quant fundas...

I have been out of my writing spree lately, not because I have become lazy but because I had nothing to write about. Also, as our MBA test prep series CopyCAT is scheduled to start in our CAT CBT Club in August, I had to cover and finish a lot of ground in TathaGat and my personal life before I got busy with that. Although I am still not free with time, I decided I had neglected TG enough. But still there was no new article, nothing which could live up to TG quality at least. A week ago, I More

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How To Prepare For GMAT: Complete GMAT Preparation Guide

gmat, gmat preparation, gmat 2010, mba 2010I have been receiving a lot of questions lately from MBA 2010 aspirants about how to prepare for GMAT, when to take GMAT, how much time should one take for GMAT preparation, which books to refer for GMAT, what is the best GMAT preparation material, how to prepare GMAT quant/ verbal, how to select business schools, how to write MBA admission essays, etc. I decided to write a comprehensive guide on GMAT preparation and answer all questions related to GMAT preparation and application process (but for more information keep surfing through our GMAT Blog), especially because the time to More

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Some Basic Calculation Techniques

CAT 2010 CAT 2011 calculation techniquesThe rules of business can be applied to any competitive environment. Just as businesses keep trying to achieve an extra edge and sell more and more products so do students preparing for competitive exams such as CAT 2010. The focus should always be on trying to achieve more and more. For CAT aspirants, this is the golden rule- always be focused on your goal. That means giving away all your distractions: that movie which other friends are going to watch, those phone calls, orkut, facebook, or twitter, those sms, those days of boredom when you do not want to study, More

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