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CAT 2011 ScoreI have been missing in action on TG for a long time now; with my classes at TathaGat, a new venture that Dagny and I have been working on, and general vagaries of life, I have not been able to find time for TG. I had not been able to take CAT 2009 and 2010; my CAT 2009 was cancelled and the retest never happened, and I bought CAT 2010 voucher and simply forgot to submit the form. So this time everyone at TathaGat ensured I write CAT no matter what. Sharing my CAT score here (please forgive me for not sharing the hideous photo that they took at the center and my email ID). Rest is what I received. Also, seeing that I received a higher percentile in Verbal, the section which I have never prepared for, I think I would like to reiterate what I said about how to prepare for the verbal section. Please do go through the article. Also, please do post your name, percentile, and your background in the comments below: TG CAT 2011 Result

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