Problems Of the Week – POWs for the season 2014-15

binary manAhh..I know that starting again with PROBLEMS may seem problematic to many. But our life is full of struggles and the real winner is that only who is bold to tackle them and intelligent to cross them over.

Many of you might have appeared in CAT earlier, may be multiple times, with no expected success. But that should not be a cause for worry. A great poet of our country, Gopal Das Neeraj, has wrote- "kuchh sapnon ke mar jaane se jeevan nahi ruka karta hai" which means we should not be disheartened if things have not gone as per us in past. Key word is - PERSEVERE. I am sure, I have mentioned that many times earlier too.

Let's start afresh with the coming season of exams for 2014-2015. I hope this new series will be equally helpful to CAT-2014 and CAT-2015 students. I'll be posting a new POW every week and you are supposed to submit your solutions. I too will be providing correct answers/solutions afterwards - Kamal Lohia

(We are already providing these POWs to our TathaGat classroom students, so this is just a glimpse for you what we offer in our classes) 🙂




POW 1401


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