Problems Of the Week – POWs for the season 2011 – 2012

POW2011Sometimes when we have nothing to do, we become inactive. But the subconscious mind keeps doing the things which give it pleasure. After the CAT - 2010, Tathagat office is busy in GD-PI prep for all the call getters. Although we have started our classroom batches for CAT - 2011 and are going to start our first batch for CAT - 2012 from this April, still seems to be inactive for past many days. There are many reasons(read excuses) for that. One reason with which TG came forward is that,"Yaar, ab CAT mein challenge waali feel nahi rahi." But I am sure the students who appeared in last year's tests like CAT, XAT, IIFT will not fully agree with this statement. XAT had some excellent questions this year. Even CAT had 3-5 tougher/toughest questions in each of the slots. So that's not an excuse at all.Simply, if we are to gain an upper hand over others - funda is to be consistent. If you are regularly solving some math problems, cracking some mind boggling puzzles and reading books (as suggested by TG sometimes earlier), you become familiar with the problem solving. And I have stated it many times earlier also that,"Problem-solving can be learnt by solving problems only." There is no alternative or short-cut as most of you are looking for. Even if you are unable to solve a problem immediately, don't give up. Persevere.Leaving the inactivity apart, we are starting the POW series now. You can post your answers/solutions and discuss your doubts over here. We shall post the answers of a POW almost after week so that you have sufficient time to give your mettle.

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